Training for Financial Independence

Women of Nepal are always backward when it comes to participate in their emancipation and the reasons are illiteracy and low economic status. They are always dependent, thus have less role in decision making in the family. Nepal Jesuit Social Institute is helping the women to raise their status and enhance quality of life, skills and knowledge by providing vocational trainings like tailoring.

On 25th February 2019, NJSI team went to Suri, Dolakha for the completion program of Tailoring Training. This 3 months course was provided in 2 different places in which one place is inhabited by Tamang community and other is Surel community. Basic Tailoring course was followed by Tamang community whereas Advance course was for Surel community to 14 people each. Both communities acquired knowledge on stitching garments.

They were thankful to NJSI for the opportunity provided and helping them to come out of their comfort zone to become self- sufficient. They ensured that they will teach these learnt skills to other women who choose to be self-employed and independent. With the help of this vocational training, they learnt and developed skills to earn money to live life with dignity.