An Effort in Up-skilling Majuwa Swabalambam Mahila Samuha through Paralegal Orientation

Paralegal Programs focuses on teaching about grassroots justice — ensuring that law is not confined to books or courtrooms but is available and meaningful to ordinary people. On 12th August, 2019, a paralegal program was conducted for Majuwa Swabalambam Mahila Samuha, Haibung in Sindhupalchowk. There were twenty-four participants comprising of two male and twenty-two female.  The major objective of this program is to impart knowledge about the protection of the rights of marginalized, vulnerable or/and isolated people through better access and knowledge to their rights and obligations

The entire program went very effectively. Most of the women who had participated were old aged. They seemed very eager to be learning about the things they were being taught. They paid attention when being educated about the knowledge of functioning of justice systems. Hence, the program possessed of interactivity and was carried on smoothly.

Delegation of Knowledge through Paralegal Program for Jaldevi Swostha Ama Samuha

Rights mean little if those entitled to them are not aware they exist, which is why paralegal programs have come to become so crucial at the present date. A Paralegal Program was conducted on 24th and 25th November, 2019 for the women of Jaldevi Swostha Ama Samuha, Baiteswor-7, Dolakha. The major purpose of this program was to impart knowledge on protection of the rights of marginalized, vulnerable or/and isolated people of Kavre and Dolakha, through better access and knowledge to their rights and obligations. About twenty-two women showed up for the program. The participants manifested their interest in the program till the very end.

The objective of the program also centered on increasing awareness among the people of Kavre Region Area about new laws and regulations of Nepal with a view point to improve the knowledge of functioning of justice systems.

Bheemsen Secondary School, Sindhupalchowk, Earmarked for Personality Development Camp and Parents Orientation Program

Personality Development Camp (PDC) strives for making an individual capable of achieving their objectives, improving learning ability and dependability along with sharpening their communication skills and upgrading the confidence level. The PDC conducted on 11th November, 2019 was targeted for Bheemsen Secondary School. The main objective of the camp was to impart knowledge about Child Rights and Career Development in the students. About forty-six students attended the program. The students showed great interest in the program. The interactivity and curiosity of the students about the topics marked the effectiveness of the camp. After the PDC was done with, Eco-club was established in the school since eco-clubs play crucial role in creating environmental awareness enabling the students to be sensitive towards environmental concern to tackle environmental problems.

The following day was dedicated for Parents’ Orientation Program. About twenty parents had showed up for the program. The objective of the orientation centered on the Importance of Education, Participation and Community Learning.  The parents were genuinely attentive towards the program and showed great interest till the end. Some also voiced out about seeking training programs for their daughters for their personality development. Hence, the program for the parents was quite a success.


Personality Development Camp, Eco-club Follow-up and Parents’ Orientation Program Ushered for Haleshwor Secondary School

Personality Development Camp (PDC) works to bring out and sharpen the positivity inside us including state of mind, potential to achieve our objectives, learning ability and dependability. Taking this into consideration, a Personality Development Class was conducted on 20th November 2019 for the students of Haleshwor Secondary School. There were total of twenty-nine students. The main concern of this PDC was centered on providing insight about Child Rights and Career Development for the students. The students showed great interest in the topic and were interactive throughout the program.

On the following day, 21st November, 2019, an Eco-club Follow-up program was organized. Eco clubs in schools empower students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. The major objective of this follow-up program was to have a systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of the established eco-club of the school. There were twenty-nine students in total who participated in the program. Through this program, it was found out that the lack of guidance of the teachers had caused the students to lose their interests in contributing for the club and eventually, the monitoring for the eco-club had stopped. So, important instructions and information was imparted in students in order to get them to resume their progress for the effectiveness of their eco-club which was briefly followed by an awareness program about ecological degradation.

Lastly, the Parents’ Orientation Program was held on 22nd November, 2019. Only eight parents had managed to attend the program. Since many students lived in rent, the parents could not come to the orientation because they lived away from their children. Despite the less number of parents, the program turned out to be very fruitful. The major grounds of this program were to train parents on the importance of education, participation and community learning.

Distribution of materials in Azad and Mahendra Ratna School

Nepal Jesuit Social Institute has been supporting many schools of rural areas of country. Likewise, Azad Secondary School and Mahendra Ratna Basic School are among them to which constant help has been provided. From building classrooms, Hostel, to distribution of furniture, they are being supported throughout these years.

On 5 November 2019, Mahendra Ratna Basic School in Dhading got 10 laptops for continuity of student’s education. They were also provided with 4 tables to work in laptops.

Azad Secondary School which is located in Banepa, Kavre, recently provided with science lab materials and 2 cupboards which they have been asking for. On November 20, 2019 the director of NJSI, Fr. Roy himself went to the school along with Fr. Thomas to handover the materials.

Distribution of computer and Eco-club follow up at Saraswati Secondary School

With the aim to encourage young enthusiast to maintain healthy environment, eco-club was formed in different schools and among them Shree Saraswati Secondary School stands out to be unique one. They are not only engage in various cleaning campaign, but also fulfilling their responsibility by spreading awareness about eco- friendly activities among other schools of Sindhupalchowk.

On 6th of November 2019, NJSI travelled three and a half hours of drive to reach the school. After reaching, a mass of 150 students including the teachers welcomed NJSI with flower garlands in their hands. They had had everything very well prepared, starting from their welcome speeches, thank you speech, dance and poems. The students very well participated in carrying out the program. After handing out 10 laptops to the school, the team was then guided to the tenth grade classroom where interactive activities were carried out. Essay competitions and drawing competitions were conducted. After the program ended, the gifts were handed out to the winners.

The tenth grade fondly participated and actually did very well. It was nice to see how they engaged in whatever we had in store for them and the teachers, too, cooperated in carrying them out. They said they would be looking forward to having another similar program in the near future.