Parents Orientation at Shree Gramonnati and Jay Bageshwori Women Center

With the objective of making women to understand their child psychological development, Parents orientation was organized in Shree Gramonnati Secondary School, Mahabharat-4, Kavre and Jay Bageshwori Women Center, Helambu-4, Sindhupalchowk.

On 26th march, 2021 parents orientation program was conducted at Shree Gramonnati Secondary School were 68 participants participated in the program. Going through the program it was seen that parents had positive response before the startment of session. They were alternatively listening and comparing their experience and knowledge. They also did realize about the importance of bound, support and their role in child’s development

On 31st March, 2021 Parents orientation program was conducted at Jay Bageshwori Women Center were 44 participants attended the program. During the program most of the parents realized that they were emotionally and mentally different from their child and even the small thing matter for strengthening the bound of their relationship which could help for the development of the children. Many parents accepted that they still use authoritative parenting style without knowing its consequences.

PDC and Eco-Club Formation at Shree Gramonnati Secondary School

Personality Development Camp (PDC) works to bring out and sharpen the positivity inside us including state of mind, potential to achieve our objectives, learning ability and dependability. PDC was conducted on 24th march, 2021 at Shree Grammonnati Secondary School, Charkilla, Mahabharat, Kavrepalanchowk. Total of 86 Students from class 8 and 9 were present at the program. Students were very smart and clever, they understood and shared their side of picture.

The next day (25th march) was considered for Eco-club formation as it play crucial role in creating environmental awareness enabling the students to be sensitive towards environmental concern to tackle environmental problems. Students were very eager and motivated to participate in Eco-Club and make their school ecofriendly. Both the Principals and Teachers supported and participated in students activity too.  

Medical Camp at Rorang-09, Benighat, Dhading

There is no other wisest investment in health. Realizing the need of a medical camp to address health issues of people of Rorang-09,  NJSI in collaboration with SCN sisters conducted  medical camp for chepang community living in Rorang Rural Municipality.  Chepang community are one of the most marginalized ethnic group in Nepal. They are very less educated and mostly depend on agriculture for survival.

On 22nd March 2021, medical camp was conducted at rorang municipality for general checkup and distribution of medicines. There were altogether 292 beneficiaries including the students studying in robang school.

These medical camp was prepared for individuals suffering from general health problems like joint pain, common cold etc. Various health related awareness videos especially COVID-19 protocol videos and news were prepared and played in TV for the people to watch while they were standing on the que to meet the doctor. COVID-19 protocol such as sanitizing hands, wearing mask were followed during the camp. Good hospitals and medicals are far from the village and treatment also cost more than the people could offer. The beneficiaries were extremely happy to receive medical support and checkup.