Medical Camp at Hokse, Kavre

Realizing the lack of opportunity for poor people in the village to have access to regular medical support during Covid lockdown, NJSI conducted medical camp at Church Hall, Hokse, Panchkhal Municipality-07, Kavre in collaboration with Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

On 12th August 2021, both the team went to Hokse, Kavre for general checkup and distribution of medicines. There were altogether 141 beneficiaries. Various Covid-19 protocol videos and news were prepared and played in TV for the people while they were standing to meet the doctor. Covid-19 protocol such as sanitizing hands, wearing mask were followed during the camp.

There were three doctors who were assigned to look after health issues of people, among them two doctors were assigned for general health checkup and the other one was assigned for special gynecology health checkup. The program was carried out smoothly and effectively. The ward chairperson, church head and the patients were pleased for the service.