Girls from Rural Nepal Excel in Animation and Computer Skills

The three-month training program at NJSI commenced on January 25th, 2024, as students hailing from Kalikot, Bardiya, and Kavre formally joined the 5th Batch. The participants were warmly welcomed and oriented by the Director of NJSI, Father Roy, and the dedicated staff. This training program is specifically tailored to teach animation and computer skills to girls aspiring for a better life and future. With the 14 participants from different struggling background joins the class with interest for learning the computer operations, developing typing skills, the use of MS Word, Excel and so on. Besides, the training allows students to learn English and Nepali language helping them to feel more confident in this 21st century. Creating the beginner friendly environment in NJSI for the students to practice their skills, the training guides them to express themselves allowing to discover their strength and weaknesses. While the girls have always been learning in Nepali medium and have majorly engaged in Kitchen and household work in their village, the NJSI animation, computer training along with English learning have become their prefect place to learn at their utmost potential without any boundaries. The students within these few days have developed the self-esteem, confidence in computer and have challenged their language barrier as their goal which indeed is great positive change and step toward better future.

Teacher’s Training Program: Education Quality Improvement and Crime Prevention at Pyuthan

NJSI conducted Teacher’s Training Program from 4th to 7th January at Pyuthan. The program was organized by District Education Development Coordination Unit and coordinated by District police Pyuthan. The training program was on “Interaction with the Secondary Level Head Teachers for Education quality Improvement and Crime Prevention”. The chief District Officer, Narayan Prasad Aaryal, Distrioct Court Judge, Punaram Khanal and Deputy District Officer, Khimamanda Bhusal were present in the program. The participants, the Government authority was delighted and thankful to NJSI for conducting the training program.
There were two programs, one was on 4th and 5th and second one was on 6th and 7th. All together 60 teachers and principals participated in these 2 programs. The district police had a presentation showing the statistics of early marriages, child rape and suicides. According to the statistics most of the youths were involved in these crimes. Therefore, the police department coordinated with NJSI to provide some knowledge to the teachers in order to prevent these crimes from the youths. Teachers are the second source of knowledge or the guardian to the students after their family. Therefore, the notion of this training program is to construct virtuousness in their developing phase to prevent crimes in their early ages.
For further program, we had Principal of St. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel, Fr. Samuel Simick introduced the Jesuit teaching practice, IPP to the teachers. Its “Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm” which is a Critical theoretical framework to enhance teachers’ professional identity in diverse context.
Fr. Roy, Director of NJSI, gave a session on couple of topics, “awakening consciousness” and “Right to Education Right to Truth”. He focused in the attributes to become a good teacher. He highlighted the power of a teachers on students who have the ability to shape the nation’s future. NJSI team and one intern, Arshida from Marian College, India, conducted group work on “Problem Tree analysis”. Problem Tree Analysis provides a template for mapping causes and effects in order to better understand the chain of connected circumstances that led to the current situation. Similarly, the teachers come up with their problems effect and impacts according to their context. We NJSI became the medium to acquire skills on how to analyses their problem in compliance with the situations. All the teachers and principals actively participated respectively. The training program was concluded with the certificate distribution to the participants.

REIN Installation: Empowering Rural Education

On 4th January 2023, the NJSI team began the journey of REIN installation at Pyuthan. Rural Education Improvement in Nepal (REIN) focus on creating, promoting and improving education system at the rural areas. Thus, with this objective the installation was carried on 3 different schools. This time, initially REIN installation occurred at Shree Amar Basic School in Baluwa, Pyuthan, serving 79 students from nursery to grade 5.

On 5th January, the NJSI team proceeded with the second REIN installation at Shree Bal Basic School in Mandre, Airayoti Rural Municipality. The school, hosting 141 girls and 133 boys up to grade 8, eagerly received REIN materials, including TV, TV box, electrical wire, and internet wire. A demo class was conducted for their access and the team departed with warm appreciation from the local community and teachers of Mandre.
Similarly on 8th January, the NJSI team reached Shree Srijanshil Secondary School in Jhigane, Salyan District for the installation. The journey witnessed continuous support and cooperation from all the School Management Committee and Government officials.

NJSI built 25 Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) at Jajarkot

At midnight around 11:47 pm on 3rd Nov 2023, Friday, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Jajarkot district of Nepal. After the big shake, there were hundreds of aftershocks. The first earthquake claimed the lives of 157 people and injured 349 others. Recent reports indicate that at least 4,000 houses have been completely damaged and 35455 houses have been partially damaged. 142 schools have been completely damaged, 343 partially damaged. 80,000 students do not have access to education.
NJSI team had gone for an assessment after the quake and did coordination meeting with the local Government. The houses and schools were collapsed and cracked. Everyone was living outside under the tent. Schools are conducting their classes outside under open sky. The constraints they are facing are, it’s a winter time so they are having hard time studying outside, the weather right now is very windy, cold and snowing too. Students are being distracted by the outside environment. Some people are busy in collecting the rubbles, some are busy in making their shelters. There is no proper place to sit and write. Students are lacking proper dressing, especially the warm cloths.

As an immediate response NJSI has constructed 25 Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) in 19 schools at Barekot. The name of the schools are as follows:
1. Janata Basic School Rokayaganu
2. Him jyoti Pra Vi Dhyarganuy
3. Lali Gurash Pra Vi Ayarna
4. Janajyoti BS Bhaisamare
5. Shanti Pra Vi Budhaganu
6. Chadrajyoti Pra Vi Karuka
7. Deurali Pra Vi Simkhara
8. Naumuli BS Ghartigaun
9. Deuti Bajayai Pra Vi Tanshi
10. Sita Ma Vi Karkijyuka
11. Sita Ma Vi Garaglichaur
12. Janabikash Pra Vi Syanla
13. Harihar BS Suwakot
14. Shankar BS Bandala
15. Bhagawati BS Laikham
16. Deuti Bal Pra Vi Laikham
17. Dipendra Ma VI Sakla
18. Birendra Aishworya Ma Vi
19. Nepal Rastriya Pra Vi Seri

Christmas and New year Celebrations

Every year NJSI celebrates the Christmas with the staffs and their families, similarly, this time as well, NJSI invited some former staffs, almunia and the families of the staffs for the celebration. We had a small intimated celebrations where Fr. Roy sang carol songs for everyone, our almunia performed dances in couple of songs. One of the staffs, Raman Maharjan became Santa and distributed gifts and chocolate to all the present guests. After the program we had a dinner together.