Training on Applied Behavior Analysis (APA) Therapy to Caretakers of Children with Special Needs, Kavre

NJSI conducts regular training program for caretakers and teachers of children with special needs. On 6th and 7th of July, another training on Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy was given to 8 caretakers of Kalidevi and Bhagwati hostels by a senior psychologist Rama Karki, who is affiliated with SOS.

The trainees were exposed to adaptive methods of counselling the children in distress, and controlling their frantic behaviors. Some of the method included storytelling, engaging in fun activities and games, and techniques like “time out”.

The participants confess that time, patience and love for the children have been the major factors, helping them understand the children and minimize their agitated behavior.  After the training they share that they learnt better ways to engage with these special children.

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