Child Nutrition and Food Distribution For The Children With Special Needs

NJSI has been supporting the children with special needs of Susta Manisthiti Punarsthapana Kendra and Shree Kali Devi hostel which is located at Kavre District from the beginning. On 3rd March, NJSI team started early morning to the destiny with the needed nutrition foods. There are 20 students in Susta Manisthiti Purnarsthapana Kendra and 10 students at Shree Kali Devi hostel.

The set of nutritious food which was provided consists of eggs, Sarbatum pito, grains, flour and fruits. At first the team went to Susta Manisthiti Purnarsthapana Kendra where the children were very ecstatic to see NJSI team with foods.

After Distribution of food in Susta Manisthiti Purnarsthapana the team went to Kali Devi hostel. Children as well as Caretakers were glad to have food provided by NJSI.

During the visit, one grandparent visited to Kali Devi hostel to see their grandsons. He came with his neighbor on a bike travelling   2/3 hrs. Drive away from the hostel. The hostel incharge said that he often come with vegetables, fruits etc seeking the help from others.

The children from both the center were quite happy seeing us, they gave a warm welcome with their cheerful smiles and greetings. The caretakers also were really pleased seeing the food provision.