Eco-Club Follow-Up Conducted in the Schools of Different Districts

Eco-clubs have been not only the platform for school children to serve their community by protecting and maintaining a healthy environment but also to create interest and involve themselves in decision making as responsible persons at a young age. NJSI has been establishing and following up the Eco-clubs in many schools under the theme “Save Our Planet” (SOP) in 13 schools

This year after the covid19 lockdown, follow-up programs of Eco-clubs were conducted in the schools in Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk districts.

On January 28th, 2021 the follow-up program of eco-club was conducted in Shree Bhumesthan Secondary School at Mane in Melung municipality, Dolakha. The school has a new building and fresh ground where Eco-club participants are planning to make flower gardens with different variety of flower plants, and to put posters and charts about sanitation and hygiene along with corona sanitization in each classroom.

In Shree Haleshwor School in Gadepu, Gaurishankar RM, Dolakha, on January 29th, 2021, the follow up was conducted. The students there, are planning to conduct a COVID-19 awareness program in the village by a street play (drama). The Eco-club activists  also emphasize on developing practical skills in plantation of flowers and herbs.

The follow-up program at  Shree Saraswati Secondary School on February 5th, a was mainly to form the new Eco club group as the previous members were passed out of the school. They could not perform any activities on 2020, due to pandemic so they are eagerly wanting to bring out plan into action on coming days of 2021.

PDC and Eco-Club Follow-up at Shree Ram School

Personality Development Camp (PDC) aims at making an individual capable of creating goals objectives, improving learning ability and responsibility along with sharpening their communication skills and upgrading the self-confidence. The PDC conducted on 2nd Feb, 2021 was targeted for Shree Ram School, Koshidekha, Kavre. Total 53 students from class 9 and 10 attended the program.  Students were attentive and shared information about Reproductive human rights (mainly boys). Critical thinking was introduced for the students, they were excited to learn about it.

The following day (3rd Feb) was dedicated for Eco-club follow up program since eco-club play crucial role in creating environmental awareness enabling the students to be sensitive towards environmental concern to tackle environmental problems. Teachers and students are discussing about workshop for eco-club and they will send their plan within a month.

Medical Camps at Shreeram Pati and Gajuri

Realizing the lack of opportunity for poor people in the village to have access to regular medical support during covid lockdown, NJSI conducted two medical camps in two poor villages namely,  Shreerampati-07, Kavre and Shyame Dada, Gajuri-06, Dhading in collaboration with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

On 15th February 2021, the medical team went to ShreeRam pati-07, Panchkhal, Kavre for general checkup and distribution of medicines. There were altogether 183 beneficiaries.

On 26th February 2021, health camp was conducted at Gajuri and 158 came for the free checkup and received medicines. It was the first ever medical camp conducted in this village where one of the most marginalized group in Nepal, called the “Chepang” community lived. Lack education and job opportunities for these people, have resulted in poverty and eventually leading to many health issues. The accessibility to nearby health post is difficult due to long distance and lack of transportation. Many of them do not have proper housing even.

Mostly people suffered from general health problems like joint pain, common cold etc. Various health related awareness videos, especially COVID-19 Protocol videos and news were prepared and played in TV for the patients to watch while they were standing on the que to meet the doctor. COVID-19 protocol such as sanitizing hands, wearing mask were followed during the camp.