Building Network for a Change

Nepal Jesuit Social Institute has always tried new ways to bring positive change in the society. One of the recent works includes facilitating 2 organization for people with special needs with electronic materials. Blind Star Society and Blind Rocks are self-made institutions working for enhancing lives of visually impaired people to help them live independently.

On 13th February 2019, 4 computers and 2 scanners were provided to Blind Rocks for helping visually impaired students of Shree Sawaswati Secondary School, Gorkha and 2 computers were provided to Blind Rocks for official purpose. 8 representatives from both the organization gathered at the premises of NJSI for the distribution program. Each of them introduced themselves and expressed their gratitude toward NJSI for the continuous support. Both of the organizations are doing tremendous jobs in uplifting the life of differently abled people and needless to say, their contribution to the society is praise worthy.

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