8th March for NJSI: International Women’s Day; Ramechhap Special

Gender mainstreaming in socioeconomic reformation has been a crucial focus of NJSI.  NJSI has contributed construction of 8 women activity centers in 6 districts of Nepal. The centers are used to conduct various livelihood enhancement projects and, women empowerment trainings and workshops. To celebrate gender quality, we had International Women’s Day programs with local women of 4 different places: Kalidevi, Khadichaur, Jaretar and Rakathum. These programs were sponsored by Misio Achen. All of the places had engaging and enthusiastic participation.

Celebration in Rakathum, Ramechhap was a success with 61 adult participation and more than 20 children raising placards decorated with empowering quotes. The event bloomed with many dances, songs and poems composed by the participants themselves. Songs and poems depicted heavy inequality issues, power of women and their contribution to the nation.

“WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME, we welcome everyone.

WELCOME to those who came here today, to celebrate Women’s day

WELCOME to those who are searching for rights as Men,

WELCOME to the women searching for Equality

WELCOME to those who are fighting against Women Violence,

And who are singing songs of Awareness…

WELCOME to those who are against Taboos and Stereotypes

And who are fighting for our Rights…

Those who are saying that we should get Equal Opportunities and are self-aware,

WELCOME the guests and everyone here, who came to celebrate womanhood


Welcome song composed by a local teacher

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