A Guidance to Technological World

In this advance world where everything is related with applications, internet and technology, computer education plays a vital role in student’s life. Computer education holds a power to learn new skills and more advance version of current lesson. Nowadays computer is used everywhere either it be to paint using windows paint or cracking a specific code using other computer system. Almost every office and organization wants staff with at least basic computer knowledge.

For a competitive world where everyone is fighting to get a better job experience, Nepal Jesuit Social Institute is helping the underprivileged girls/women to be able to stand with others and maintain their standard of living. To help this vision to achieve it’s goal, NJSI collaborated with St. Anne’s which was then led by the organization in Godawari as St. Anne’s Executive Secretarial Management Course. Helping them to develop their personality and encouraging them to learn standard way of communicating, this program was developed since 2017. From then to till now, 3 batches has already completed the 6 month course of Computer training, Personality development and English improvement classes.

This year also the training has begun from 1st June, 2019. Altogether 15 girls started the training with Ms. Office and Type Writing whereas more of them are expected to join within 2 weeks. They will soon start personality development courses and activities. Hope each of them will grab all the opportunity to learn and graduate with flying colors. NJSI wishes all of the students a great success in life.




Personal Development Camp (PDC) started with the aim to help children in their choices for the future concerning scholarship, career and workplace giving them knowledge and clues. In past
few years, PDC helped children to be aware about their rights which will help them to react properly if something happens and also to think critically in every situation. On 13 th June 2019, PDC was conducted for two days to class 8 and 9 students of Shree Baleshwori Secondary School with ice-breaking games, presentations, interactive sharing andbreaks. The program consist of four presentations: Education, Scholarship, Critical Thinking and Child Rights.
Education presentation: this presentation consists in general talks concerning how tochoose one’s own career. Along with the presentation, children passed the RIESEC test. This acronym stands for Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising,and Conventional which are 6 main kind of character a person can be. Usually, one of these is the strongest that defines the global way of thinking of the person. Given this, the test gives some advice concerning the type of career for each case.
Scholarship presentation: this presentation consists in explaining the different kind of scholarship one can choose after grade school notably relating with the first activity.
Critical thinking activity: this activity consists in raising awareness among children about the importance of developing one’s critical thinking. This way of thinking will notably help them in their choices and also in any issue or doubt they will meet.
Child rights: this activity consists in teaching the children their rights, notably towards school and family. The purpose is to help them reacting in case of violation of their right.



More than 50 students took part and were happy and interested throughout the program. They were not shy at all and ready to participate. Even teachers of the school came and took part in the activities and also asked us to share our presentation to conduct this program on their own which made the program successful.


With the hope that having adequate educational fixtures, students will be motivated to continually attend the school and study diligently, furniture for educational purpose has reached to students of four government schools of Sindhupalchowk. With the support of Xavier Network the four schools namely, Shree Kyablungthan Basic School, Shree Bhimsen Secondary School, Seti Devi Secondary School and Bhumeshwori Basic School have received furniture like desk, bench, chairs, tables, office tables, cupboards and ECD.

The details of the schools receiving the furniture are:

Shree Kyablungthan Basic School, Sindhupalchowk

  • 30 sets of desk and bench
  • 9 chairs
  • 3 tables
  • 2 cupboards

Shree Bhimsen Secondary School

  • 36 sets of desk and bench
  • 4 ECD

Seti Devi Secondary School

  • 76 set desk and bench
  • 4 chairs
  • 1 table
  • 1 office table

Bhumeshwori Basic School

  • 12 sets of desk and bench
  • 4 chairs
  • 4 tables

In spite of the steep and muddy road, Nepal Jesuit Social Institute team took the challenge to provide better furnitures in these remote schools. The beneficiaries were thankful to receive it. The school administrative of each school handed appreciation letter to NJSI for the support and enhancing quality of education of future leaders at the school.


On 2nd June 2019, Nepal Jesuit Social Institute handed over new built 4 classrooms to Shree Bhubaneshwori Basic School located at Mahabharat-5, Kavrepalanchowk which is quite far from the highway with a tough, steep and dangerous road to come up. The school had been deeply affected since the 2015 earthquake. The students were studying in cramped temporary learning center and had to sit on the floor as it lacked proper furniture. The sponsorship by Xavier Network for construction of classrooms, distribution of furniture and 1500 meter pipeline for developing drinking water facilities and offering 127 students a proper place to study.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by NJSI team of 5 and 119 participants including students, teachers, guardians, locals and other special guests. The program was held in the presence of Chairperson of Mahabharat Rural Municipality, Mr. Kanchhalal Jimba and chairman of School Management Committee Mr. Baman Singh Thing. The ceremony started with National Anthem and then followed by performances by students, guest speeches and social audit. Unveiling of plaque and handing over the key to the concerned authority marked the end of the program.

Students were enthusiastic with the new buildings which look very nice compared with the former damaged one. The local participants were appreciative towards NJSI’s approach to enhance village’s children’s education and they anticipate further support. They also presented a letter of appreciation for NJSI’s contribution on constructing a well-furnished building.



A school located in Tallodhansari, Dudhauli-11, Sindhuli is about to change lives of so many children. After massive destruction by 2015 earthquake, the students of Shree Tulasi Basic School were compelled to sit in the temporary learning center made of bamboo in congested manner. Lack of desk and bench and unfavorable weather effected in their studies and many had to quit the school. After NJSI intervention and evaluation, 4 classrooms were made and well-furnished furniture were provided.

On 31st May 2019 team of NJSI went for the inauguration and handover ceremony. The program took place in the presence of Chairman of the School Management Committee, Narendra Karki and Mayor of Dudhauli Municipality, Ghanshyam Raut. It was short yet well managed followed by dances and speeches by concerned authorities. Social Audit was also conducted which included brief information about construction of school among all the beneficiaries.

Chairperson of Relief Nepal (supporting organization), Mr. Durga Prasad Paudyal thanked Nepal Jesuit Social Institute for constructing classrooms despite of its distance from Kathmandu. The presence of 105 people including teachers, parents and students was the proof of how happy and excited they were to get new classrooms.


Activity Center: A Special Gift for Special Children

His Holiness Pope Francis once shared that “People with disabilities are a gift for the family and an opportunity to grow in love, mutual aid and unity”. People with disabilities, also referred as people with special needs is an umbrella term used in clinical diagnostic and functional development to describe individuals who require assistance for disabilities that may be medical, mental, or psychological. Walking on the path of Pope’s wise words, Nepal Jesuit Social Institute has been supporting 20 children with special needs of Sustha Manisthiti Purnasthapana Kendra which is located at Karelthok-4, Kavre from the beginning of its establishment. From building fence, providing nutritious food and conducting medical interventions every 2 or 3 months, NJSI has now built an Activity center at Shree Bhagwati Secondary School with an aim to help develop the children, both personally and academically.

The special occasion of Inauguration of the Activity Center, built with the blessings and financial support from Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, of which Pope Francis is a founder of, was held on 2nd May 2019. We were blessed with the presence of Reverend Monsignor Segundo Tejado Muñoz, Undersecretary of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development who flew from Rome especially to attend this program. The ceremony started with National Anthem and lighting of the lamp by esteemed guests including Mr. Beppe Pedron, South Asia Regional Coordinator of Caritas Italy; Fr. Silas Bogati, Director of Caritas Nepal; Fr. Amrit Rai S.J, Regional Superior; Mr. Shivaraj Naral, Principal of the School and Ms. Sudha Silwal, resource teacher of the center. It was then followed by prayer song by the school students, official welcoming the guest and speeches. Highlight of the program was the message from Pope Francis which was delivered by Reverend Monsignor Segundo. He sent us greetings and blessings appreciating NJSI for its tremendous work of helping people in need. Ribbon cutting ceremony was done by the Chief Guest and the other guests. A plaque placed inside the gate was unveiled by the Chief Guest along with Ms. Laxmi Danuwar, Vice Mayor of Panchkhal Municipality continued right after the key of the building was handed over to the School principal and Sudha Maam. Fr. Silas blessed the new building and wished for its successful operation. Everyone in the audience then had an opportunity to have a quick look of the newly constructed and well-furnished building. The formality of the program was kept intact with Social audit.

One of the most significant performance during the program was a special dance by children with special needs of Sustha Manisthiti Purnasthapana Kendra, who were enjoying their own performance while also managing to add a grin on the face of their audience. The school management committee and the members of the center expressed their gratitude towards everyone involved in the project and provided them with appreciation certificates which also marked the end of the program.

An audience of almost 300 people were overjoyed with the addition of a new Activity Center in their locality. The beneficiaries felt privileged and were happy to get the opportunity to learn and grow in activity center. The local people of the area and the parents of the beneficiaries also showed gratefulness and gratitude towards NJSI for all their contribution till date .It was one of the remarkable event for NJSI as everyone was visibly satisfied and happy with the management as well as the center. But amongst them all, Ms. Sudha Silwal, resource teacher and caretaker of the special children and the children themselves were overwhelmed with the activity center. She looks forward to continuing their education, which had come to a halt after the 2015 Earthquake destroyed the building they previously conducted their class in. Additionally, she is assured that the facilities in cognitive development class, digital infrastructures and sports materials will strengthen children’s capacity in days to come.