Follow-up with Environment Savior

Nepal Jesuit Social Institute initiated a movement called “Save Our Planet” which gave young enthusiast from different schools a platform to serve their community by protecting and maintaining a healthy environment and also developing themselves as mindful youths. A group of executive board members which is commonly known as Eco-club, are formed in each school and then they conduct eco-friendly program such as Cleanliness campaign, Plantation of trees, Recycling/reuse, Fund raising, Media, and Documentation respectively. NJSI also had an exposure program to Tarumitra in which they were guided about environmental issues and activities related to conservation of environment outside the country.

To empower the students to participate and take up meaningful environment activities and projects, NJSI is continuously working with these school. Follow-ups are being done to enhance the communication on those environmental projects. On 23rd August 2019, Eco-club follow-up was done at Shree Mahalaxmi Secondary School, Lalitpur with 40 students. Essay competition and drawing completion were organized in order to know the kind of significance students have towards environment after the establishment of eco-club and the exposure program. Similarly, on 27th August follow-up was done at Azad Secondary School, Banepa and on 28th August at Shree Bhagwati Secondary School, Kavre with 41 and 64 students respectively. 

Students were quite cooperative and sincere toward their responsibility in protecting the environment. They had some plantation and cleanliness program throughout the year. The participants from Tarumitra exposure program also helped the school and other students with more ideas on cultural values and activities related to the environment. Shree Mahalaxmi Secondary School’s student had an amazing and innovative activity of plantation in which they planted flower pots inside and outside the school. Every class had bottle pots which made the classroom look beautiful and welcoming. 

This initiative has surely left some impact on people and NJSI believes that Save Our Planet (SOP) will provide a wonderful opportunity to help generate awareness, build attitudes and enable students to take up activities in the real world, in a way that the constraints of the classroom and curriculum won’t allow. 

PDC and Parent’s Orientation at Shree Sharda Secondary School

Bahrabise, one of the municipalities in Sindhupalchowk district serves as a hub for various governmental and non-governmental organizations, banks, schools, colleges and different corporate institutions making it one of the busiest market places and Shree Sarada Secondary School is considered to be one of the best schools in Bahrabise. The school is infrastructurally well equipped and well managed which also delivers quality education and is active in extracurricular activities.

The Personal Development Camp took place on 18th August, 2019 in the same school benefitting grade 9 students with altogether 72 students. The first session was on “Critical Thinking” and later carried on by “Higher Studies Education and Scholarship” session. Meditation and various games were organized for the students to ease their minds and environment. On the second day, students were revised about previous day topic which was then followed by awareness about different types of vocational trainings and education provided through CTEVT and various processes, requirements and scholarships to enroll in CTEVT. For the closing session, participants were handed over certificates and gift followed by a group photo. On the third day, presentations and discussion on proper parenthood and scholarship was delivered to 2 parents along with information on the works of NJSI in the area. The session ended with good remarks sharing and distribution of lunch.

The sessions was very effective and informative. The parents were also keenly involved about knowing how they are treating their children and how should they be treated. They also wanted to know how their children perfomed during the program and their activities. The students were very glad the program was organized at their school and they also hope to attend similar programs in the future. They were also happy about the information provided. The students loved various facts, stories and games related with the topic of the session.


Mankha Village in Sindhupalchowk district was highly affected by Jure landslide of August, 2014 and earthquake of April, 2015. After facing such back to back casualties, Mankha received immediate response and support from Nepal Jesuit Social Institute. Shree Bansanghu Secondary School was one of the most affected school in which TLC classrooms were built for the children. To help children in their choices for the future concerning scholarship, career, and workplace and to make parents and guardians understand the importance of education and proper parenthood, NJSI organized a Personal Development Camp on 8th and 9th August and Parent’s Orientation on 10th August at the school.

PDC at Shree Bansanghu Secondary School focused on four major aspects: higher education, scholarships for higher education, critical thinking and a brief idea on child rights while the Parent’s Training focused on two major aspects: importance of proper parenthood for proper education attainment and provision of scholarships to reduce financial burden for parents with low financial status. Students participated and interacted in activities and tasks given to them. The parents were encouraged to understand and be friends with their children rather than being strict and controlling them all the time.

A total of 55 were present for the program in which 11 were parents. Participants responded positively to the program. Few students expressed their determination to study further and raised questions. Parents also expressed that the program will be helpful for their children to continue their education.

ASSISTING WITH ESSENTIAL NEEDS- Inauguration Ceremony and Medical Camp at Helumbu, Sindhupalchowk

Due to 2015 earthquake, Sindhupalchowk district had caused prevalent damage and Helumbu Rural Municipality is one of the most affected area. Shree Jay Bageshwori Women’s group is one of the inspired group in Mahankal sera, Sindhupalchowk which is working for women and community development by saving money and conducting welfare activities. They have successfully gathered more than 450 members in the group. These active and inspiring women did not have a place to conduct meetings or gather for a social cause so, they had to rent a room which was so small for that number of group. To conduct meetings smoothly, they requested NJSI for a women hall and upon being notified about their problem, NJSI decided to help them.

The grand inauguration of this multipurpose activity center was done on August 4, 2019 at 1 in the afternoon. Along with NJSI team, Navjyoti Center and 2 doctors joined for the medical camp which was planned to conduct after inauguration ceremony at the same place for the same beneficiaries. Ceremonial welcome was accorded to NJSI team, Government officials, Navjyoti center team, Doctors and special guest with women lined up with khada. Thereafter, all the dignitaries proceed to their respective seats and the program was on the go. Fr. Arul, Ward Chairperson Mr. Raj Kumar Lamichhane and special guest, Indra Maya Gurung light the ceremonial lamp, cut the ribbon and unveil the plaque. The handing over the newly built women activity center was done by Fr. Roy to Harimaya Lamichhane, Chairperson of the women group. The speeches from all the guest and government officials marked the end of the ceremony. Altogether 75 people were present in the celebration.eral checkup. Medicines were distributed freely as prescribed by the doctor. The number of beneficiaries increased to 120. The Locals were very happy and grateful as well for conducting the health camp and requested for further events as well.

Both of the program was funded by Missio Achen and in collaboration with Navjyoti Center. For the sustainability and better impact of the medical intervention, regular and frequent health inspection is suggested.

A Path to their dreams; Construction of Xavier Marg

Tipling, a village surrounded by hills and mountains which offers panoramic view of Mt. Ganesh Himal lies in the northwest of Kathmandu in Ruby Rural Municipality, Dhading. Government had built a road from Syaprubesi to only upto Somdang in Rasuwa-Dhading border back in 1987 and after that there were only walking trails which was of less/no use after 2015 earthquake. Overall development was at halt due to lack of road connectivity.

After discovering mesmerizing landscape of Tipling, Nepal Jesuit Social Institute took the challenge to up-build the life of people by constructing a 27km road going through the most difficult terrain of steep and rocky hill sides from Somdang to Kami gau, Tipling. Two years of hardship finally turned into fruitful outcome and locals had breathe a sigh of relief on 13th of July 2019 when road was inaugurated and handed over to them. A very precise handover ceremony of the road was conducted at Tipling itself in the presence of chairman of Ruby valley Rural Municipality ward no. 1 and 2. The program lasted for one hour. Both of the chairman appreciated the work of NJSI on behalf of the villagers. They seem very happy to see their hopes and dreams getting fulfilled soon through road. Around 62 villagers were present in the program. Reverend Bishop Paul Simick, NJS Superior, Fr. Amrit Rai, chairman of Ruby valley Rural Municipality ward no.1, Min Ghale inaugurated the road officially through cutting the ribbon. After the ribbon cutting ceremony “Social Audit” was presented. All the details of the project were recited in a chronological order such as who were involved, who contributed it, the donor, the starting date, ending date, the challenges faced during the implementation phase and named the road as “Xavier Marg”. All the expenses of this road construction is carried by “Xavier Network”.

In such ecstatic moment of completion, NJSI conducted a felicitation Program on 20th July back at NJSI office where all the communities of Kathmandu Valley were invited. In the program, Fr Roy, Director of NJSI presented a short video on the construction of the road. Along with that he shared the experiences on behalf of NJSI team, the challenges faced during the implementation phase. Keeping the main motive of the program, Fr. Roy honored 9 distinguished people who had contributed immensely to accomplish the road, namely, JCB operator Pradip Basnet, his helper Loa Tamang, Falam Tamang and Shiva Subedi. In site clearance, Man Bahadur Tamang and Kho Bahadur Tamang. Kailash Thapa and Dipendra Tamang as a transport coordinator and lastly Grace Ghale who gave a helping hand in his internship program in NJSI. Along with them NJSI supported with token of love to other staff members who had contributed in their own stipulations. Some Government officials were also present in the program, Former Local Development Officer (LDO) of Dhadhing, Bhagone Aryal. Now, he is a Chief Administrative officer at Hetauda Sub- Metro politician city. Vice chairman of Ruby Valley, Beena Ghale, Chairman of Ruby Valley Rural Municipality ward no.1, Min Ghale, and Manager of MAW Earth Movers Pvt.Ltd (JCB), Yam Gurung.

Now with the completion of Xavier Marg, locals of Tipling have assorted opportunities to multiply their progress. They have started to perceive an explicit juncture in each one’s life.


The inauguration and handing over ceremony of multi-purpose women center was held at Roshi Rural Municipality-7, Kavre. Indrawati Mahila Samuha comprises of 30 energetic and interactive women who will be the direct beneficiaries of newly built women center. The center has similar design as other women hall built by Nepal Jesuit Social Institute. This multipurpose women hall will be used for weekly social meetings, educational as well as awareness programs, various trainings and community development programs.

On 5th July 2019, NJSI team of five joined in the celebration which was started at 1o’clock in the afternoon. The 2 hour program had some speeches from local authorities as well as from Fr. Thomas, song by women and children and finally the key was handed over to Mrs. Rita Koirala, the chairperson of the women group. The government officials like chairman of Roshi Rural Municipality, Mr. Dal Bahadur Lama, Ward chairman, Parbat raj Gurung and Fr. Thomas inaugurated the newly built center. As a part of the program, social audit was also done in order to inform on how the center was built and take necessary suggestion from the locals. Altogether 60 people were gathered in the celebration.

With the smile on their faces, they provided NJSI with appreciation letter. They were happy to receive a center in which they can organize programs and conduct meeting which ensures overall upliftment of the entire community. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to NJSI team for all the support. The center is financially supported by Xavier Network.