Covid-19 Relief: Reaching out with Food Materials to Different places for Victims and Needy people

Unfortunately, South Asia seems to have turned into the epicenter of the second wave of COVID-19 as most of the countries in the region, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan have been badly infected by the coronavirus. Instead of being controlled, the situation is getting more flared up as each day passes. The second wave of the pandemic has not only affected the Kathmandu Valley but also different cities of the country both in the hills and in the Terai. So much so that even the rural areas are also getting affected. It did not even spare the remotest of the remote areas in the far-off villages.

It was tough reaching out to these people due to strict lockdown rules. NJSI began to work with local Jesuit Communities in Jhapa districts and local organizations like Maiti NepalNepal Nazareth Society, and Congregation of Jesus to collect need assessment data and based on the requests came from the local government began the relief work. Initially NJSI collaborated with St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu participating in the “We Feed Program” supplying cooked food to Covid Patients’ care takers in the Covid care hospitals in Kathmandu which did feed about 3000 hungry stomachs.

With the aim of providing basic food materials for covid victims, daily labour, and tea garden workers,  NJSI targeted to distribute the relief for 200 families in Maheshpur, 220 families in Deonia and 280 families in Sadakbari in Jhapa district

In Kavre district, NJSI distributed package of relief consisting food materials to 300 families in Panauti, 150 families in Tinpiple and 110 families in Hokse who were all Covid victims.

Looking towards the problems that made people’s life hard due to COVID-19, NJSI distributed relief package to over 200 families in Pokhara, 300 families in Dhading district and 300 families in Kathmandu valley.

Melamchi have been facing a big disaster due to heavy rainfall and flood along with the second wave of Covid, looking toward the problem of the people of melamchi NJSI prepared a relief package and distributed to about 70families living in Melamchi.

The relief package distributed had made the life of people living in different areas a little sustainable and easier for some period of time.

Handover Ceremony and Inauguration of Jay Golma Devi Basic School

NJSI built four classroom for jay Golma Devi Basic School, Bahrabise Municipality-8, Sindhupalchowk. NJSI handed over building on 8th April, 2021. The school did not have enough classroom for students since the Earthquake of 2015. The project was funded by Caritas Germany.

Students and Teachers welcomed all the representatives and NJSI team with handmade crown and beautiful decoration in schools. The program was commenced in the presence of ward chairperson of Bahrabise Municipality, Mr. Richard rai, representatives of Caritas Germany, NJSI team, Students and Local people. The program was carried out with speeches from representatives, thanks giving, dances by children, inauguration and handing over.

The students, parents and teachers were very happy and proud for this new four classrooms truss building. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Caritas Germany for supporting the construction of this building.

Inauguration and Handing over Ceremony of Shree Siddeshwor Secondary School

Nepal Jesuit Social Institute handed over a two classrooms truss building to Shree Siddheshwor Secondary School located in Sano Pokhara-03, Mahabharat Rural Municipality, Kavre on 28th April 2021. The objective of making classrooms is to provide safe, equipped and enough classroom for the students. This project was funded by Xavier Network.

The team from NJSI, Government personnel, ward chairperson, school management committee and local people were present at the program. Total number of individuals present at the program was 50. The program was carried out on by lighting of the lamp, speeches from representatives and inauguration and handing over.

Local people were very grateful to NJSI and Xavier Network for the support provided to the school for children’s benefit.

Compound Levelling at Pipal Dada Basic School

NJSI constructed a playground for Pipal Dandha Basic School which is located at Benighat Rural Municipality ward no. 9, Dhading on 17th March, 2021. The school is positioned right on a top of a cliff having a very steep slopes on both of the sides. It was located in a fairly spacious location that stood atop overlooking the entire surrounding. This school had a ground but could not utilize it. The students were at risk to play on the ground. NJSI excavated the ground and labelled it in a proper manner so that the students could use safely. NJSI also distributed 26/26 desk and benches set, 4 table set, 4 chair set, 10 cushion set, 4 white board set and 17m long carpet. Teachers and students of Pipal Dandha Basic School expressed their greetings and gratitude towards team of NJSI.

Completion of St. Anne’s 4th Batch Secretarial Management Course

The Fourth batch of St. Anne’s Executive Management Course was completed on 25th April 2021. The program was held on St. Anne’s convent, Taukhel, Kathmandu. The six month training was about teaching basic computers terms and uses, English and Nepali typewriting, personality development, and speaking English which was started on Jan 2020 and due to covid pandemic only 3 months course was completed and then the course was continued on Jan 2021 after slowdown of covid ratio. All the esteemed guest showed their presence including parents of students. 24 students participated in the training program. The students gracefully executed their performance, shared their experience and had good wishes from everyone. The students expressed their gratitude towards NJSI. At last, certificate were distributed and refreshment were enjoyed. Nepal Jesuit Social Institute wishes all the students for their betterment in their future and hope they will inspire others too and help in need.

Parents Orientation at Shree Gramonnati and Jay Bageshwori Women Center

With the objective of making women to understand their child psychological development, Parents orientation was organized in Shree Gramonnati Secondary School, Mahabharat-4, Kavre and Jay Bageshwori Women Center, Helambu-4, Sindhupalchowk.

On 26th march, 2021 parents orientation program was conducted at Shree Gramonnati Secondary School were 68 participants participated in the program. Going through the program it was seen that parents had positive response before the startment of session. They were alternatively listening and comparing their experience and knowledge. They also did realize about the importance of bound, support and their role in child’s development

On 31st March, 2021 Parents orientation program was conducted at Jay Bageshwori Women Center were 44 participants attended the program. During the program most of the parents realized that they were emotionally and mentally different from their child and even the small thing matter for strengthening the bound of their relationship which could help for the development of the children. Many parents accepted that they still use authoritative parenting style without knowing its consequences.