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Distribution of nutritious food to the special children

NJSI has been conducting the various program related to the special children to maintain their sound health. Medical Intervention has helped them to do so. Also, NJSI distributes the nutritious food items to the special children in Bhagawati School Kharelthok, Kavre and Kali Devi School in Kunta, Kavre such to overcome the problem of malnutrition. NJSI is continuously conducting such activities in direct support from Caritas Italian and Xavier Network.


Constructing shelters for Gyalthum Community.

Due to the devastating earthquake of 2015, Gyalthum community people suffered the most, they lost their homes, their hope, and everything. To build their hope Nepal Jesuit Social Institute is constructing 73 shelter homes. 15 beneficiaries have completed their houses and some of them have started to live.

Three French and seventeen Lebanese scout volunteers along with two Jesuit Scholastic Sch. Josheph and Sch. Anto from Lebanon is assisting the village by helping for the site clearance, to dig the foundation and are also assisting to agriculture work for the community. As for now, the rainy season has started so the construction works are in a halt for the time being.

Gyalthum community welcome the group with open heart along with the cultural program. French group will remain for three weeks in the village where as Lebanese group will stay for 6 days to work with NJSI for the village.

Free Medical Health check-up camp held at Jaretar, Kavrepalanchok

Free Medical checkup for Jaretar people was organized by Nepal Jesuit Social Institute NJSI in collaboration with Nava Jyoti Center on August 1, 2017, at Jaretar, Panchkhal 12. The total of 11 team member including 4 doctors and remaining health assistant were present there to conduct the program successfully.

The program was conducted in the women center hall at Jaretar at around 10:00 AM which was recently handed over by the NJSI. 222 people came for the general checkup. Medicines were distributed freely as prescribed by the doctors. The Local people were very happy and grateful as well for conducting the health camp and requested for further events as well.

This medical checkup camp was funded by Missio Achen, Germany. In the camp it is found that larger number of people were from Danuwars community, similarly Lama, Tamang and Shrestha were also there for medical attention.

Jeratar Creative Women’s Community Gets a New Building

The inauguration and handover of the Centre for Jeratar Creative Women’s Community at Jeratar, Panchkhal-12,in Kavrepalanchok district took place on Sunday, 16 July 2017.

Jeratar is wildly populated by the community of Danuwar people. A total of 3434 Danuwars is found in Jaretar. Due to the devastating earthquake of 25th April 2015, the village was drastically damaged. Most of their house are not yet rebuilt.

Jeratar Creative Women’s Community is a group organized by the local women, mainly of Danuwars for the purpose of capacity building and training for women and girls who are marginalized and lack opportunities for livelihood options. The group has nearly 60 members.

Nepal Jesuit Social Institute has been supporting the families at Jaretar since soon after the earthquake in April 2015 and has conducted various livelihood training programs, such as; soap making, candle making, glass beads garland making etc. The women group found it very useful and economically supporting their lives and they continue to make such products.

The new building constructed by Nepal Jesuit Social Institute was financially supported by Caritas Germany. Now the center has a room for storing the products made by women groups and a multipurpose hall for meetings and training program.The women group along with their supporters from the village welcomed the NJSI team and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to both NJSI and Caritas Germany for their contribution and support to them. They also requested for further support from us.

After the inauguration ceremony by Fr. Boniface Tigga. SJ ( Superior of Nepal Jesuits), Ms. Laxmi Danuwar, the Assistant Mayor of Panchkal Municipality received the keys of the new building from Fr. Roy Sebastian, SJ (Director of NJSI) and handed it over to Ms. Rita Danuwar, the president of Jaretar Creative Women’s Community. Fr. Arul Anandam, SJ (Regional Director NJSI) received a special token of love and appreciation for his hard work and continued support in the construction process and other activities.

Inauguration and handing over ceremony of multi-purpose women center, Suri

The grand inauguration and handing over of the multi-purpose activity center for women at Suri, Dolakha was held on Friday, 16 June 2017 at 12:30 PM. Due to 25th April 2015 devastating earthquake, the Dolakha District had caused prevalent damage. Suri is one of the Rural Municipality (Gaupalika) in Dolakaha District having 757 household consisting of 3380 living population according to of census 2058 Nepal.

Earlier, at around 11:30 am, ceremonial welcome was accorded to the NJSI team with Fr. Bonyface Tigga SJ, the chairperson, Fr. Roy Sebastian SJ, the Director, Fr. Arulanandam SJ, the District In-charge and Fr. Anup of NJSI at the building, with women lined up with flower and tika. Thereafter, all the dignitaries along with village committee members proceeded to their respective seats and the ceremony gets heat up with National anthem. Fr. Bonyface Tigga SJ and Gaurisankar Rural Municipality Chairperson Sovam Bahadur Khadka lighted the ceremonial by inaugurating to conduct the program.
The handing over of the newly build building was conducted by NJSI Director Fr. Roy Sebastian SJ to surel women village committee chairperson Saraswati Surel. The newly build women’s center consist of two room with the well-furnished door, carpet and window providing 15 tailoring machine for the suri women. It was not possible to build such beautiful building in such remote area without support from Missio Achen (Germany) with hard work of NJSI in cooperation with the village committee and local people.
The village is very vast and the women’s center is now one of the attractive architecture of the community as ever build in such good physical environment. Being almost 200 kilometers the Far East from the capital of Nepal the possibility to transport all those bricks and necessary raw material seems to be more challenging but NJSI District In-charge Fr. Arulanandam SJ make it come true in an only two-month time frame.

Fr. Bonyface Tigga SJ, the chairperson, Fr.Roy Sebastian SJ, the director,Fr. Arulanandam SJ, the District In-charge of NJSI thanked the entire community for their cooperation and encouraged the suri women to make best of the facilities that is provided by NJSI and assured them for further support.

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Community Participation in Ensuring Healthy Environment

Community Participation in Ensuring Healthy Environment

On 8th May, 2017, NJSI formed a team and went to Tupche 2, Nuwakot, at Shree Chandeshowari Higher Secondary School to mobilize the local people for bettering the hostel environment by cleaning the vicinity.

NJSI has constructed the hostel for visually impaired children at Tupche, Nuwakot which can accommodate 20 students. It has separate living rooms for girls and boys, a kitchen, a study room, two toilets and two bathrooms.

There were altogether 13 participants for the site clearance. The team cleaned rooms, rearranged the scattered materials, cleared the debris and leveled the ground. The program went well with the help of local people.

The purpose of the team was to make maximum participation of the local people and make them aware of their responsibilities. To some extended this event has made the local people realize the importance of the team work. The local people were very happy to work as a team and asked for further programs and events that motivate them to work together for the upliftment of their community.