Revisit to Eight Schools of Gorkha

During the earthquake of 2015, 90% of 500 schools of Gorkha district were destroyed. NJSI had supported eleven schools of remote Gorkha through building reconstruction, toilet construction, teachers’ training and furniture distribution.

On 6th of June, a team of NJSI revisited eight schools to monitor the application of the support: Jalamukhi Primary School, Janashakti School, Baraha School, Saurpani School, Bardi Danda School, Siddartha School, Saptakanya School and Muldevi School. Though the team had to face complications crossing huge river and driving through dense mud, they felt blissful to observe more than 500 students happily attaining education in safe buildings. In most of the schools, toilets and furniture were well maintained and used.

The team was welcomed with appreciative programs and interactions. It was also impressive to learn five out of eight schools were led by female principals.

Training and Educational Kit Distribution Program for Visually Impaired Students, Gorkha

Taking yet another initiative to help the children with special needs, NJSI organized a training program and distribution of educational material to twelve visually impaired students (nine girls and three boys) of Saraswati Secondary School in Aalekh, Grokha on 28th May 2018 in collaboration with the Bright Star Society.

Being an organization of the differently abled persons, Bright Star Society has always been proactive to bridge the gap between people with and without disabilities. NJSI has been collaborating with them to organize multiple programs as such. The distributed package contained school bags, white canes, braille papers, geometry kits, talking calculators, slate, stylus (braille pen) and audio players with pen drives; also, stationaries were given to partially blinded students. The training program included interactive sessions on use of these proficient devices, general mobility, games, arts and music.

We hope the training program and devices equip them with confidence to lead their life independently.

Foundation Laid for the Hostel for Speech and Hearing Impaired Children of Azad School

NJSI has laid the foundation for yet another hostel building on 4th June 2018, in the earthquake affected schools in Nepal. This time it is for the speech and hearing impaired children of Azad School Banepa in Kavre district. Their hostel was destroyed by the earthquake of 2015. Since then the students have been staying in a small dark room of the school. They are studying at Kavre Deaf School. The hostel has the capacity to host 10-15 students. The project is financially supported by Caritas Italy.

NJSI has been in the fore front of supporting the special children’s educational facility with a score of building 7 hostels cum activity centers for the special children in three districts of Nepal, ever since the earthquake in the  2015.

Construction of Two Multipurpose Halls Initiated in Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk

Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk districts are two major project sites of Nepal Jesuit Social Institute. NJSI has conducted various projects of different streams in these districts. NJSI has already built two women activity centers in respective districts.

Recently, NJSI has started the construction of two more multipurpose halls for women’s group of Suri, Dolakha called ‘Jal Devi Women Group’ and ‘Mujuwa Swawalamban Women Group’ of Haibung, Sindhupalchowk on 29th of April and 6th of May 2018 respectively. These projects are funded by Xavier Network. NJSI is also thankful to the individuals who have offered their land for the construction.

Jal Devi Women Group members are mostly Tamangs, engaged in farming and animal rearing. Similarly, Mujuwa Swawalamban Women Group constitutes of Gurungs and other indigenous ethnicities engaged in similar profession. Each group comprises of about 25 members. A common goal of both of these groups is to be independent and self-reliant. Therefore, they wish to use the hall to regulate meetings for saving and credit cooperation, discussion of social reformation agendas and to conduct skill trainings. NJSI looks forward to help these women enhance themselves economically and socially.


Three Remote Villages of Ramechhap Received Medical Assistance

Nepal Jesuit Social Institute thrives to help people of remote places meet their essential needs. Therefore, NJSI organized a medical camp on 2nd of May 2018 in Chapadi village of Rakathum, Ramechhap in collaboration with Navjyoti Center and sponsorship from Misio Achen.

Though Rakathum has road access, there are no regular routes of public transportation. Therefore, villagers have to walk two hours to reach the nearest health post. This closest health post is facilitated with only few general medicines, a health assistant and three mid wives, responsible for taking care of villagers of all neighboring villages. Hence, people tend to neglect their health condition and it has had led to problematic situation during the time of emergency.

A team of four doctors and 10 staff members facilitated the treatment of 102 patients (52 male and 50 female). They came from three villages: Khaniyapani, Chapadi and Lhubhu. Most of the patients were prescribed medicines for vitamin deficiency (54%), muscles and joint problem (49%), eye problem (23%) and respiratory problem (12%). In contrast to the assumption of the physicians, only few cases of gynecological problems were reported. This might have been influenced by the stigma associated with menstruation and reproductive health of women, says Ram Hari, a local inhabitant and staff to NJSI.

For the sustainability and better impact of the program, regular and frequent health inspection is suggested.

Memorial Service and Blessing of New Office of Nepal Jesuit Social Institute

Month of April of 2018 has been a month of celebration for Nepal Jesuit Social Institute. NJSI celebrated another inaugural ceremony of its new office at Kamal Niwas, Kupondol, Lalitpur Nepal on 25th of this month. NJSI had dual purpose of the ceremony. It was a memorial service cum blessing and inauguration of the new office.  


3rd anniversary of NJSI, signifies three years of rehabilitation of Nepal since the black day of 25th of April, 2015. Every year as NJSI celebrates its annual accomplishments, it also fortifies the mission of its formation: to heal the wounds marked by the devastating earthquake.

NJSI expresses heartfelt gratitude to each and every individual who has been supporting from the time of its inception, and anticipates further support in its journey to reach the unreached.

You may access the visual presentation of NJSI on YouTube: