Building a Foundations to Early Childhood Educators and REIN Installation in 2 Schools

NJSI conducted 2 ECD Training programs at Pyuthan, one in Shawargadarika Municipality and another in Airawati Rural Municipality. The ECD Program was organized for 3 days, from 17th to 19th May at Shawradarika Municipality. In total 42 schools were participated where one teacher from each school were present. The resource person was from “Seto Guras” named Sita Devi Shrestha. And from 20th to 22nd May, another, ECD training program was held at Airawati Rural Municipality where 50 teachers were participated from 50 schools. The notion of providing ECD Training program is to the teachers to gain deeper understanding of the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of their students. The knowledge would help them to adapt significant teaching methods and activities in order to reach the students need at various stages of development.
On 20th May, the team went to Shree Aishwarya Nepal Rastriya Primary School for the REIN program. The school is located at Sormarani Rural Municipality And, on 22nd May, the team went to another school named Shree Gyan Jyoti Primary School which is located at Pyuthan Municipality. The school is situated at the border of the Pythan and Rolpa, districts. These both schools are situated at the remote areas of Pyuthan. They have limited access to facilities, even struggling for their basic needs hence NJSI is giving a helping hand to them for their development.