Facilitating St. Xavier’s Student’s Outreach program: Opening the doors to Opportunities

The St. Xavier’s School reach to NJSI for their student’s outreach program. The students of grade 9, 10 had a program for 2 days and one night from 4th to 5th May. Therefore, NJSI selected the two schools of Kavre district which are comparatively short distance plus the students would get their experiences with the students of rural area. One was with the students of Shree Narayansthan Basic School and another with the children with special needs in Shree Bhagawati Secondary School. The students observed the rural scenario through the interaction, they conducted activities like face paint, led art and crafts activities to different classes, done plantation program and provided some stationery items too.
As it was their first experience in rural area, according to the students, these two days had become their one of the memorable experiences. For the accommodation, the students stayed in NJSI’S Regional Center at Kavre. There were 16 children with special needs from Shree Bhagawati Secondary School and 85 students from Shree Narayansthan Basic School. The program demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity. This kind of programs could provide opportunities for further growth and expansion of initiatives, benefiting both the community and to the students involved.