Parent’s Orientations

There were three parent’s orientations were given in the year 2022. One in Jaya Bageshowri women center which is located at Galthum, Sindhupalchowk, another one was in Indrawati Women’s Center which is located at, Katunje, Kavre and last one was at Kavre Regional Center. Both of the women centers were built by NJSI. The parent’s orientations were aimed at conscientizing the parents about the Psycho-socio development of the children at their growing age. How to understand and monitor a child’s behavior in order to help the child in difficulties and problems. Our resource person, Ms. Rama Karki, a senior psychologist and have been working with SOS children’s village for many years. She is presently the care taker of the SOS Special children’s village at Jorpatti, Kathmandu.
The parent’s orientation is often coupled with Paralegal training as well. This includes teaching of the constitutional provisions for women and child care in the new democratic change over in Nepal. It is quite a unique phenomenon that in most of our parent’s orientation and paralegal training program mostly women, generally the mothers participate. It is understood in the context that when the men are mostly out looking for job, the women stay back home and look after the property and the children. So, it is very important to educate the women in villages so that there is more awareness and knowledge towards the need for proper education and development of the children for creating better citizens for the future of Nepal.