Empowering the Educators

In the leadership of Fr. Roy, two Teachers Training Program was held at Nepal Police School, Surkhet and St. Capitanio School, Palpa. The training program was on “Education for Transformation”. It is a dynamic and innovative approach that emphasizes in developing student’s critical thinking, creativity, empathy, and flexibility through teachers. This way of thinking is the foundation of a teacher training program that gives educators the abilities, perspective and knowledge they need to adapt for transforming learning environments in the classroom. The main objective of this training program is to motivate the teachers to become the change executors of their students.

From 8th to 9th April, 40 teachers of St. Capitanio School and From 17th to 19th April, 21 teachers of Nepal Police School were equipped. Back in the days, schools, institutions used to ask for allowance for conducting Teachers Training Program, on the other hand we were strictly against it, in some cases we had to cancelled the program as well but now seeing our good practices people are inviting us to provide the Teacher’s Training Program. DIGP Lalmani Acharya, actually invited us to conduct Teachers Training Program at their Nepal Police School.