Eco Club Establishment in Haleshwor Secondary School, Suri Dolakha

Suri is one of the remote villages of Dolakha district. 99% and 97% of the households still depend on firewood for cooking and lightening respectively. Similarly 31% of household do not have toilet (Government of Nepal, National Planning Commission Secretariat 2014). These issues contribute to gradual environmental degradation. As a part of our scheme to promote environmental health, NJSI recently formed an Eco club in Haleshwor Secondary school in Suri Dolakha on 2nd March, 2018. This is the first Eco club established under the supervision of NJSI.

We presented about the importance of environment and its conservation. As it was the first meeting, the club executive board members were elected from among 69 students of grade 8 and 9. The club was subdivided into six divisions for smooth operation implementation, each focusing on cleanliness and hygiene, plantation, recycling/reuse, fund raising, media, and documentation respectively. Students have already planned to have a plantation program around the vicinity of the school. They are also determined to work to make the school a polythene bag free zone in near future.

We also conducted an ECD training for teachers of Haleshwor School, similar to the one conducted at Sindhupalchowk on 23rd of February.

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