International Women’s Day Celebration; Sindhupalchowk Special

108th International Women’s Day Celebration 2018 in Khadichaur,  Sindhupalchowk was another attraction with crowd of more than 80 women, men, young girls and boys and children. The event was conducted at Bal Shikshya Higher Secondary School. The group wisely used depiction of culture and arts to spread awareness about basic fact that men and women stand equal. Also, the program included visual presentation of female icons of Nepal who have proven themselves against the odds.

We have a women’s group at Khadichaur who has been using women activity center facility for regular meetings and other events. Their enthusiastic disposition to advance in gender mainstreaming have inspired us to relentlessly work to support them.

“Hard work is done by women of this country,

If educated they can run the country,

They are not just machines of childbearing,

If given opportunities, they can be the best in everything.

She is the goddess, learn to respect her,

Economic justice is a must,

Women, you should also decipher”

A poem written by a local teacher of Ramechhap

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