Advanced Para-legal Program

As follow up of the basic para-legal program conducted in local women centers, an advanced paralegal program was conducted at Kamal Niwas, NJSI national office at 11th January, 2020. The program was conducted seeing the interest and need of the participants who received the basic para-legal training in 2018 and 2019. The total number of participants were 12 in number. The target participants were representatives from the women centers that NJSI had provided building for. There were 3 representatives from each group. The target group was an inclusive of all castes. The program took place between 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

With the basic objective of helping the women understand and be well prepared about their rights and its application and spreading awareness through women centers, an advanced level program was organized. Considering the contents of the basic para-legal programs, advocate Mr. Purna Rajbanshi and Fr. Tek conducted the advanced para-legal program with intensive and depth information about women rights. There was also discussion on personal and representatives problems of the people in terms of women rights followed by suggested solutions given by the advocate himself. Generally, the discussed problems were about women’s property rights, gender based violence and other scenario relating to the topic. The distribution of the certificated marked the end of the program.

Among the participants it was seen that the contents gathered the interest of most of  the women. Thus, it was analyzed that the program was interactive , fruitful and participative. Moreover, the participants responded positively to the organization of such programs and expressed their interest for such programs in the future.