Computer Training for Teachers

As the teachers of many government school lacked proper computer practical skills and knowledge, the computer training program was directed to provide the teachers with proper practical computer skills which they can later teach their students. The teachers were 16 in number from various government school of Kavre, Sindhupalchowk and Dhading. The topic of the training was on Microsoft packages, QBasic and Photoshop. The training was from 30th November till 7th December, 2019 with seven hours each day to learn and practice.

15 days Computer Training

With the objective of delivering necessary skills and techniques for capacity building for young women, 15 days “Computer, English and Personal Development Training” was being organized at NJSI office, Kamal Niwas on 9th November, 2019. The beneficiaries of the computer training were 22 young women from different parts of Nepal.

The class was designed in such a way that the students would get maximum time to learn and practice in two weeks. The students had 7 hours to learn and 4 hours for self – practice guided both by the teacher and their warden. The students also had personality development sessions during the training. Various topics such as career development, higher studies and specific planning to attain self-goal and dream to obtain better future was taught to them with different activities and experiments. After the completion of the two week training program of computer, the graduation ceremony was organized in the NJSI office on 22nd of November, 2019. The students took initiative to plan, organize and conduct the graduation program themselves. The students gracefully executed their performance, shared their experience and had good wishes from everyone. At last, certificate were distributed and refreshments were enjoyed.

Establishmentof Eco-club

To aware the students about current environmental issues and establish an Eco-club in their school, NJSI and Navjyoti team went to Shree Ram Secondary School, Kavre on December 3, 2019. A total of 94 students and 7 teachers including Principal of the school were present for the program. The session on environment conservation and awareness related to climate change was conducted. Videos and activities attracted the interest of the students. At last they were informed about eco-club and its importance which was then followed by electing core members from class 8, 9 and 11. The core members of eco-club consist of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, 2 people in documentation team and a Coordinator. They volunteered themselves to be in the core committee and also promised to get completely involved in eco-club activities.

Eco- club follow up and science lab distribution at Dongdendevi Secondary School

With the notion of “Save our Planet”, NJSI has established 10 eco-clubs in different schools of Nepal to encourage the schools and students to build up insight regarding the ecological issue. Later, the club is monitored by the school itself once it is established.

To monitor significant changes regarding environment conservation, NJSI team went to Dongdendevi Secondary School, Tipling, Dhading. It was found out that the students had excellently planned, organized and conducted numerous environment activities like vertical and horizontal garden and cleaning campaign. One of the teacher who went to Tarumitra with students accompanied in the program where students and teacher shared their experiences and explained the activities they performed throughout the year. After evaluation, science lab material distribution was held and kept properly in the lab.

All of them were grateful for providing them with the opportunity to go and learn at Tarumitra and teach everyone at school. They expressed that the chance they got to develop the school was only possible because of NJSI. The teachers and students were so happy to see the different materials of science lab and thought it would increase their learning and knowledge of their subject.