15 days Computer Training

With the objective of delivering necessary skills and techniques for capacity building for young women, 15 days “Computer, English and Personal Development Training” was being organized at NJSI office, Kamal Niwas on 9th November, 2019. The beneficiaries of the computer training were 22 young women from different parts of Nepal.

The class was designed in such a way that the students would get maximum time to learn and practice in two weeks. The students had 7 hours to learn and 4 hours for self – practice guided both by the teacher and their warden. The students also had personality development sessions during the training. Various topics such as career development, higher studies and specific planning to attain self-goal and dream to obtain better future was taught to them with different activities and experiments. After the completion of the two week training program of computer, the graduation ceremony was organized in the NJSI office on 22nd of November, 2019. The students took initiative to plan, organize and conduct the graduation program themselves. The students gracefully executed their performance, shared their experience and had good wishes from everyone. At last, certificate were distributed and refreshments were enjoyed.