The Inauguration of Kali Devi Women Hall in Dolakha

Kali Devi Women Hall was set up in Manedanda Village located in Melung Gaunpalika, Dolakha which is inhibited by diverse people of Brahmin, Chhetri, Tamang and Dalit community. As per the solicitation placed by the people for the establishment of a women center, Kali Devi Women Hall was successfully inaugurated on 4th January, 2020 under the sponsorship of Xavier Network.

Women’s Centers crucially functions to provide information, advice, support and training or education in safe, women-only spaces. The utmost purpose of the Kali Devi Women Hall is to provide inhabitants with a proper place to conduct meeting and events as well as to empower and emancipate the women of that place.

There were about 64 who showed up for the inauguration ceremony including the invited guests from two schools, rural municipality and ward office. After the key to the established hall was handed over, marking the official inauguration, the program was led on by several speeches of gratitude from the school principal, parent’s group representative, ward person and women group representative. The male members marshaled the program for a women center which reflected the backwardness of the women of that place, hence, proving the prominence of a Women Centre which could greatly benefit the women and overall village of Manedanda.