ECD Teachers Training

Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge which starts right from birth. Children from very early stage starts to imitate to closed ones and develop cognitive behavior. Teachers plays vital role in grooming children emotional, physical and mental health. That is why understanding the need to invest in very young children is so important, so as to maximize their future well-being.

To provide essential guidance and to empower and upscale the teaching skills of ECD facilitators of Kavre district, Nepal Jesuit Social Institute organized two days ECD teachers training at Shree Bhagwati Secondary School. There were altogether 9 participants and 2 facilitators. Sessions was steered with learning new songs and ways to teach the children with the help of the resources accessible in the environment. Education materials like calendar chart, birthday chart, number chart, weather chart and many more were made with the available natural resources.

The teachers actively learnt and enthusiastically fulfilled their responsibility throughout the sessions. They were very glad knowing that they can use elements presented in their surroundings. The teachers were very content and thankful for the training as they learnt so many things in limited time. They were pleased with learning innovative ways of teaching methods and tools.

Securing the Health and Haleness of Children with Special Needs

After building hostel for special children at Kalidevi School and activity center at Shree Bhagwati Secondary School, Nepal Jesuit Social Institute has been taking care of the children of special needs by providing them nutrition food every two or three months as per the needs. There are 8 children in Kalidevi Hostel whereas 21 in Bhagwati activity center. The set of nutritious food that was provided included Grains, Flours, Sarbottam Pitho, and eggs.

After eco-club follow up program at Shree Bhagwati Secondary School, on 28th August the team went for nutrition food distribution at Sustha Manisthiti Kendra which is the home for those 21 special children to overcome the problem of malnutrition and help them to develop mentally as well as physically. It was handed over to Sudha Ma’am, the caretaker of those children.

On 29th August the nutrition food was distributed at Kalidevi Hostel. All they children were happily welcoming and interacting with the team. Nepal Jesuit Social Institute is continuously conducting such activity as wellbeing of these children are crucial concern. The support from Caritas Italy helped us in grooming of these children.

ENTHUSE TO BE BETTER OF SELF- PDC and Parents Orientation at Melung

Shree Bhumesthan Secondary School lies in the north-east part of Nepal in Melung Rural Municipality, Dolakha. After 2015 earthquake Nepal Jesuit Social Institute has been working in children and women sector in these highly affected district where various livelihood, protection, WASH and educational program are being organized to uplift the living standard of the people. One of the major program of NJSI is Personal Development Camp in which students are encouraged to identify their potential and help them to be mindful of self and community through promotion of critical thinking. On the other side, formation of Eco-clubs helps them to be aware of different environmental issues, protect and maintain healthy environment.

On September 11 and 12, 2019 PDC program was organized in the premises of Shree Bhumesthan Secondary School for grade 8 and 9 students with an aim to make students aware of their strengths, weaknesses and gain information on education system in Nepal and scholarships available for various studies both nationally and internationally. A total of 55 students participated which was further divided into six teams. The presentation and group activities attracted the interest of the students. The eco-club formation was followed with School Cleaning Competition where groups were asked to collect maximum amount of waste around the school compound. Parents Orientation was organized on the other day with 16 participants. The program helped the parents to know the importance of proper parenthood for proper education attainment and provision of scholarship to reduce financial burden for parents with low financial status.

Students as well as parents were raising queries on different topics which shows their interest in programs. They were happy with the fun learning activities and requested us to conduct more such program which will benefit them socially and mentally.