With the hope that having adequate educational fixtures, students will be motivated to continually attend the school and study diligently, furniture for educational purpose has reached to students of four government schools of Sindhupalchowk. With the support of Xavier Network the four schools namely, Shree Kyablungthan Basic School, Shree Bhimsen Secondary School, Seti Devi Secondary School and Bhumeshwori Basic School have received furniture like desk, bench, chairs, tables, office tables, cupboards and ECD.

The details of the schools receiving the furniture are:

Shree Kyablungthan Basic School, Sindhupalchowk

  • 30 sets of desk and bench
  • 9 chairs
  • 3 tables
  • 2 cupboards

Shree Bhimsen Secondary School

  • 36 sets of desk and bench
  • 4 ECD

Seti Devi Secondary School

  • 76 set desk and bench
  • 4 chairs
  • 1 table
  • 1 office table

Bhumeshwori Basic School

  • 12 sets of desk and bench
  • 4 chairs
  • 4 tables

In spite of the steep and muddy road, Nepal Jesuit Social Institute team took the challenge to provide better furnitures in these remote schools. The beneficiaries were thankful to receive it. The school administrative of each school handed appreciation letter to NJSI for the support and enhancing quality of education of future leaders at the school.