On 2nd June 2019, Nepal Jesuit Social Institute handed over new built 4 classrooms to Shree Bhubaneshwori Basic School located at Mahabharat-5, Kavrepalanchowk which is quite far from the highway with a tough, steep and dangerous road to come up. The school had been deeply affected since the 2015 earthquake. The students were studying in cramped temporary learning center and had to sit on the floor as it lacked proper furniture. The sponsorship by Xavier Network for construction of classrooms, distribution of furniture and 1500 meter pipeline for developing drinking water facilities and offering 127 students a proper place to study.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by NJSI team of 5 and 119 participants including students, teachers, guardians, locals and other special guests. The program was held in the presence of Chairperson of Mahabharat Rural Municipality, Mr. Kanchhalal Jimba and chairman of School Management Committee Mr. Baman Singh Thing. The ceremony started with National Anthem and then followed by performances by students, guest speeches and social audit. Unveiling of plaque and handing over the key to the concerned authority marked the end of the program.

Students were enthusiastic with the new buildings which look very nice compared with the former damaged one. The local participants were appreciative towards NJSI’s approach to enhance village’s children’s education and they anticipate further support. They also presented a letter of appreciation for NJSI’s contribution on constructing a well-furnished building.



A school located in Tallodhansari, Dudhauli-11, Sindhuli is about to change lives of so many children. After massive destruction by 2015 earthquake, the students of Shree Tulasi Basic School were compelled to sit in the temporary learning center made of bamboo in congested manner. Lack of desk and bench and unfavorable weather effected in their studies and many had to quit the school. After NJSI intervention and evaluation, 4 classrooms were made and well-furnished furniture were provided.

On 31st May 2019 team of NJSI went for the inauguration and handover ceremony. The program took place in the presence of Chairman of the School Management Committee, Narendra Karki and Mayor of Dudhauli Municipality, Ghanshyam Raut. It was short yet well managed followed by dances and speeches by concerned authorities. Social Audit was also conducted which included brief information about construction of school among all the beneficiaries.

Chairperson of Relief Nepal (supporting organization), Mr. Durga Prasad Paudyal thanked Nepal Jesuit Social Institute for constructing classrooms despite of its distance from Kathmandu. The presence of 105 people including teachers, parents and students was the proof of how happy and excited they were to get new classrooms.