Linking Entrepreneurship with Agriculture

Nepal is an agro-based country and its economy is highly dominated by agriculture as it is the main source of food, income and employment for majority of Nepalese people. However, most of the farmers in the country can hardly meet their household and other expenses. As a result they have a very low economic status and thus do not have the capital to invest in entrepreneurship.

Nepal Jesuit Social Institute is encouraging people to improve their livelihood through the means of agriculture. Economic support is provided to groups of five people to start up their own farming or animal husbandry. Presently, money has been granted to 5 groups from Tipling and 5 groups from Jaretar for poultry farming, sheep and goat rearing, vegetable farming and tailoring as a means to increase their source of income.

The ratio of women to men beneficiaries is quite high in most of NJSI’s entrepreneur programs which is parallel to NJSI’s intention of women of empowerment. This opportunity of entrepreneurship will help them to be economically independent and simultaneously also increase agriculture production.

Building Network for a Change

Nepal Jesuit Social Institute has always tried new ways to bring positive change in the society. One of the recent works includes facilitating 2 organization for people with special needs with electronic materials. Blind Star Society and Blind Rocks are self-made institutions working for enhancing lives of visually impaired people to help them live independently.

On 13th February 2019, 4 computers and 2 scanners were provided to Blind Rocks for helping visually impaired students of Shree Sawaswati Secondary School, Gorkha and 2 computers were provided to Blind Rocks for official purpose. 8 representatives from both the organization gathered at the premises of NJSI for the distribution program. Each of them introduced themselves and expressed their gratitude toward NJSI for the continuous support. Both of the organizations are doing tremendous jobs in uplifting the life of differently abled people and needless to say, their contribution to the society is praise worthy.


Water is one of the basic human necessities but a large portion of Nepalese population is devoid of access to safe and adequate drinking water. Sirantole is one of the remote places of Helambu Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchowk where people spend most of their hours travelling to fetch water. Understanding that an easy accessibility of water is crucial, Nepal Jesuit Social Institute is building a water tank to abate the problem which is currently effecting so many lives.

The work of Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) for the water tank of 18000 liters capacity has finished. Intake from source tank is also ready whereas installment of pipeline is going on and soon construction of taps will also start. The water tank is expected to be completed soon and will be ready for handover to the local villagers so they can live a much healthier life.