Supporting Water Deprived Village to Quench Thirst

Thumka Danda is a village located at Roshi Rural Municipality in Kavrepalanchowk District. The village is on the difficult terrain and mostly populated with Tamang indigenous community with people of Brahmin and Chettri community as well with 105 households. They do not have any water source nearby and throughout the year except the monsoon season village is very dry. They had to walk for 2 or more hours daily to fetch water from Roshikhola carrying it on a bamboo basket in plastic bottles.

NJSI helped the village by building a water tank to store and supply water to the households by laying pipelines and constructing 17 water taps for the various use of villagers. On 7th January 2019, NJSI team went for the handover ceremony of the water supply project. The program was too lengthy with the speeches from government officials. Group of children sang self-made song about the project, the availability of water near their house and new opportunities the tap would now provide young children, thanking us for all the support. All the guest inaugurated the tap and handed over it to villagers.

Villagers expressed their utmost gratitude towards the whole team who worked for the water project. They mentioned that in earlier days, the women in the village had to wake up early in the morning, sometimes even in late midnight to walk almost 2 hours to fetch a jar full of water. Sometimes, their walk would go in vain when they would have to return without a single drop of water. A Tamang women even laughed saying that she would finally get to sleep till late mornings without worrying about fetching water now.

Supply of Nutrition food and Medical intervention

NJSI has been supporting the children with special needs of Shree Bhagawati Care Center and Kali Devi Care Center which is located at Kavre district from the beginning and in every two or three months as per the need, NJSI has been providing the nutritious foods and medical interventions to the children. On 4th January, NJSI team went to these places to supply the nutrition food and take the blood sample of the children for thyroid test. There are 8 children in Kali Devi Hostel and 21 children in Bhagawati Care Center.

The set of nutritious food that was provided included Grains, Flours, Horlicks, Sarbottam Pitho, and eggs. At First the team went to Kali Devi Care Center where the children were so sensitive and scared seeing the injections and all the lab equipment. The team applied different techniques to convince the children so that they would allow the technician to take the blood but still they were unable to take sample of 2 children. As prescribed by the doctor, 3 children from Bhagawati Center had to repeat the thyroid test. So on the same day, NJSI team went to Bhagawati center which is quite far from Kalidevi to collect the blood sample of those 3 children. One lab technician accompanied with us to collect the sample. Children were very cooperative here in comparison to Kali Devi Care Center so the technician easily took the blood sample from them.

The children from both the center were quite happy seeing us, they gave us a warm welcome with their cheerful smiles and greetings. The caretakers also were really happy seeing the food and the medical provision.