Fully Funded Education Opportunity at Asian University for Women for Women from Highly Trafficked Regions of Nepal

Asian University for Women (AUW) is an independent, international university based in Chittagong, Bangladesh which educates competitively selected students from 15 countries across Asia and the Middle East. Nepal Jesuit Social Institute and AUW has built partnership to facilitate recruitment of 15 girls from high trafficking prone districts of Nepal specially those who have closely suffered the consequences human trafficking, through Pathway for Promise Program. The aim of this initiative is to provide fully funded education opportunity and exposure to international community to such students so that they will receive required skills to emerge as empathetic, empowered leader working to eradicate such heinous crime from the society.

In the journey of the outreach intervention, NJSI has been reaching out to the organizations who have been leading anti-human trafficking and exploitation movements in different districts of Nepal. We are appreciative towards their relentless effort to prevent, rescue, rehabilitate and protect the vulnerable groups. NJSI and AUW seeks to provide platform for such girls to project and polish their potential clogged by the gloomy background.

In a recent orientation program conducted in participation of 7 different NGOs, an applicant supported by Chhori shared her story of fighting harassment in the entertainment sector in central Kathmandu. She did not recite the story of misery and suffering, instead she projected hopes of rising again and enthusiasm to attain new life of empowerment through opportunities as such.

The application for this Pathway for Promise program is open now until 3rd October 2018. Organizations who are working to protect girls of with such background and vulnerability are encouraged to contact NJSI for this opportunity. NJSI will also be holding an Orientation Program at the office on 25th September at 11 am. Interested organization and individuals are most welcome to join the program.

To learn more about the program, please feel free to contact us directly.

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