A Joyous Celebration on Children’s Day

A day aside for happiness and cherishing the children in our lives was celebrated on the occasion of Children’s Day on 14th September 2018 for the students of Bhagawati Higher Secondary School at Susta Manasthiti Punarsthapana Kendra , Kharelthok, Kavre. 20 children participated in the program organized by NJSI team. The day was followed by a dance session, fun activities and delicious meal. New T-shirts for children were arranged as a gift for the occasion. Clad in their new clothes, the students eagerly headed to the ground to dance to the beats of the music played.

The program was designed simply to celebrate an officially marked day for children doing what they are fond of. The happiness was seen on their faces while they were dancing and excited to receive gifts as they were very eager to get their hands on the new cloth and wear it as soon as possible. They enjoyed their best by getting involved in fun activities and dancing on the beats.

Sudha Silwal, supervisor of the center and a teacher, acknowledged NJSI for the entertaining program. Children also expressed their happiness through non-verbal means by getting involved throughout the day celebration despite the hot sunny day.

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