100 Students Provided with Uniforms and Necessary School Supplies, Kavre

100 students attend Narayansthan Basic School located at Panchkhal, Kavre. Almost all of them come from poor family, unable to support even the basic educational supplies. They come to school in torn clothes carrying old books and notebooks in the bags stitched at every corner. Poverty has also led to dropout of many students at the school.

With the support of Xavier Network, NJSI distributed 100 school uniforms, tracksuits, bags, sharpeners and erasers each, 1500 notebooks, 1200 pencils, 8 white boards and 58 geometry boxes on 17th August 2018. The students happily loaded their new bags with these materials.

NJSI is hopeful that having adequate educational supplies, they will be motivated to continually attend the school and study diligently. The principal of the school, Tika Bahadur Kafle, thanks NJSI for the support and anticipates further engagement in enhancing the quality of education at the school.

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