Free Medical Health check-up camp held at Jaretar, Kavrepalanchok

Free Medical checkup for Jaretar people was organized by Nepal Jesuit Social Institute NJSI in collaboration with Nava Jyoti Center on August 1, 2017, at Jaretar, Panchkhal 12. The total of 11 team member including 4 doctors and remaining health assistant were present there to conduct the program successfully.

The program was conducted in the women center hall at Jaretar at around 10:00 AM which was recently handed over by the NJSI. 222 people came for the general checkup. Medicines were distributed freely as prescribed by the doctors. The Local people were very happy and grateful as well for conducting the health camp and requested for further events as well.

This medical checkup camp was funded by Missio Achen, Germany. In the camp it is found that larger number of people were from Danuwars community, similarly Lama, Tamang and Shrestha were also there for medical attention.

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