Paralegal and Parental Orientation to Women of Kunta Besi

With the objective of making women aware about their rights and helping them to understand their child’s psychological development, the para-legal workshop and parents orientation program was organised.This paralegal workshop was conducted at Kunta Besi Mahila Shasaktikaran Samuha located at Kunta, Kavre on 3rd and 4th of March 2020. The  program was conducted at women center built by NJSI. The community and the target group included women from Brahmin, Chhetri and Newar community.

The number of participants were 32 in total. The training program was conducted by Darsana Rai (Activity co-ordinator, NJSI) and Seliska Maharjhan (Intern from St. Xavier’s College) on the topics of fundamental rights, gender-based violence and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.  All the participants received the handbook compiled by NJSI on the basic of Constitution of Nepal 2072. The women were also given sessions of parent’s orientation on the topic of  parent-child relationship and the effects of parenting style on children. Some of the videos were shown to relate the topics which would help them understand better. The program was marked end with certificate distribution and experience sharing.