Paralegal program obligated for Women in Kavre

Paralegals can be effective actors in women’s legal empowerment where they are able to work as leaders, negotiating power relations and resisting the forms of violence that women encounter as obstacles to justice. Taking this into consideration, a Paralegal program was conducted in Roshikhola, Kavre under the sponsorship of Xavier Network. The grounds of this program were to educate women regarding the fundamental rights stated under the constitution of our country. Similarly, the program was also directed towards up skilling them regarding Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), domestic violence and to get justice if any kind of injustice happens regarding domestic violence.

18 November, 2019 was dedicated educating women about the fundamental rights listed in the constitution of our country and about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Similarly, on the next day i.e 19 November, a program about domestic violence and the constitutional actions to be taken to mitigate those injustices was conducted. A total of 32 women gathered in the program. The participants were very attentive. The two- way interaction between the presenter and the participants made it easier to learn about each other’s queries and share own thoughts and beliefs.

The women made an effort to present a drama demonstrating how the people were exploited by their landlords in the past. They shared their questions and showed keen interests to all the new things they were being told about. All in all, the program went very well because of the proper interactivity and cooperation of all the participants.

Eco-Club Follow-up to Enhance Environmental Projects

Eco-club Follow-ups are done to enhance the communication on those environmental projects. A follow-up program considering the eco-club was conducted in Bachhala Devi Secondary School in Dhading. The main grounds of this program were to aware students regarding environment conservation and preservation and to observe and get information on the activities that were being held to support the eco-club of the school.

The follow-up program was conducted on November 12, 2019. After the purpose of the program was recited, the students who visited Tarumitra shared their experience of the visit. The students who had been actively engaged in the eco-club also shared about the activities that their eco-club had been doing including their plans for the near future. Evaluation forms were given to student to fill about eco-club. After that, the students were given topic to write essay regarding environment which was briefly followed by a drawing competition. The winners of both the competitions were awarded with gifts.

The students were very interactive and fondly participated in the activities that were in store for them. They showed their gratitude through their participation and by showing their keen interest for the program.

Encouragement to Breakout from Shyness

Tinkanya is a place in Sindhuli district which is 3 hours off road from Sindhuli Gadhi. Though it is not so far from main area, it lacks behind in many basic facilities like electricity and proper road access. Nepal Jesuit Social Institute has built two women centers in Tinkanya Village Development Committee which helps women to conduct regular meeting, make decision to develop whole community and empower themselves in skill development activities.

After providing them with safe space for their activities, NJSI decided to make them more aware on their fundamental and constitutional rights. The program was conducted in two different locations with one common objective. On 25 November 2019, a team of three travelled to Nayagaun Women Center to conduct Paralegal Orientation. Paralegal program for women aims to give the strength to know her rights and to know where to go when she is wronged and when her rights are violated. They were informed on Fundamental rights, women rights, domestic violence and constitutional actions via presentation with some fun related activities. Second day on 26 November, paralegal orientation was conducted at Ranikhola community center which is 15 minutes far from Nayagaun women center. Number of participants was high in Nayagaun Community center with 32 women where only 13 were present in another women center. A short Focus Group Discussion was also conducted to know about their group functioning and immediate needs.

Handful of women showed their participation in the program while the rest weren’t as supportive of the program. The women who participated were showing their interest in presentation and information but still afraid and shy to speak for themselves or share something. It is still difficult for women out there to participate in any sorts of program or activities without male intervention as they have to take permission from their husband, brother, or father. Hence, the paralegal program targeted for the women there seemed extremely crucial so that they could realize their strength to know their rights and to voice out their opinions.

SIGNIS Media Training

SIGNIS is a non-profit organization which aim to alert the importance of human communication in every culture, and encouraging them to speak out in media sector. It was formed in November 2001 by the merger of International Catholic Organization for Cinema and Audiovisual (OCIC) and International Catholic Association for Radio and Television (Unda) and now has the representation from over 100 countries.

In collaboration with St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu, SIGNIS conducted training in Nepal Jesuit Social Institute from 27 October- 2 November 2019. With the motto of “Caring for our common Home”, video making training was started. There were altogether 16 participants from Nepal and 4 facilitator from different countries who are directly involved with SIGNIS. The activities included preparing script, shooting in various location in Kathmandu, editing and lastly making video out of it. On the last day, all the groups presented videos that they made in front of other esteemed guest. NJSI gave farewell to this wonderful team who worked so hard to showcase the present situation of Nepal via their skills of video making.

Continuity to Eco-club

Eco club has been giving young students from different schools a platform to serve their community by protecting and maintaining a healthy environment and also developing themselves as mindful youths. After establishing eco-club in Path Pradarshak School located in Badikhel, Godavari with the students, this year NJSI planned to visit this school for a follow up. The team went to the school to get an idea on student’s activities throughout the year.

On November 5, 2019 the follow up was conducted to check the continuity, activities, improvement & maintenance of the eco-club formed in their school. Essay competition was organized in which the winner got prize. The group activities and games attracted the interest of the students. The students were very interactive with the team. The teachers claimed that the students were actively participating and hard working.