An Effort in Up-skilling Majuwa Swabalambam Mahila Samuha through Paralegal Orientation

Paralegal Programs focuses on teaching about grassroots justice — ensuring that law is not confined to books or courtrooms but is available and meaningful to ordinary people. On 12th August, 2019, a paralegal program was conducted for Majuwa Swabalambam Mahila Samuha, Haibung in Sindhupalchowk. There were twenty-four participants comprising of two male and twenty-two female.  The major objective of this program is to impart knowledge about the protection of the rights of marginalized, vulnerable or/and isolated people through better access and knowledge to their rights and obligations

The entire program went very effectively. Most of the women who had participated were old aged. They seemed very eager to be learning about the things they were being taught. They paid attention when being educated about the knowledge of functioning of justice systems. Hence, the program possessed of interactivity and was carried on smoothly.