Delegation of Knowledge through Paralegal Program for Jaldevi Swostha Ama Samuha

Rights mean little if those entitled to them are not aware they exist, which is why paralegal programs have come to become so crucial at the present date. A Paralegal Program was conducted on 24th and 25th November, 2019 for the women of Jaldevi Swostha Ama Samuha, Baiteswor-7, Dolakha. The major purpose of this program was to impart knowledge on protection of the rights of marginalized, vulnerable or/and isolated people of Kavre and Dolakha, through better access and knowledge to their rights and obligations. About twenty-two women showed up for the program. The participants manifested their interest in the program till the very end.

The objective of the program also centered on increasing awareness among the people of Kavre Region Area about new laws and regulations of Nepal with a view point to improve the knowledge of functioning of justice systems.