Mankha Village in Sindhupalchowk district was highly affected by Jure landslide of August, 2014 and earthquake of April, 2015. After facing such back to back casualties, Mankha received immediate response and support from Nepal Jesuit Social Institute. Shree Bansanghu Secondary School was one of the most affected school in which TLC classrooms were built for the children. To help children in their choices for the future concerning scholarship, career, and workplace and to make parents and guardians understand the importance of education and proper parenthood, NJSI organized a Personal Development Camp on 8th and 9th August and Parent’s Orientation on 10th August at the school.

PDC at Shree Bansanghu Secondary School focused on four major aspects: higher education, scholarships for higher education, critical thinking and a brief idea on child rights while the Parent’s Training focused on two major aspects: importance of proper parenthood for proper education attainment and provision of scholarships to reduce financial burden for parents with low financial status. Students participated and interacted in activities and tasks given to them. The parents were encouraged to understand and be friends with their children rather than being strict and controlling them all the time.

A total of 55 were present for the program in which 11 were parents. Participants responded positively to the program. Few students expressed their determination to study further and raised questions. Parents also expressed that the program will be helpful for their children to continue their education.