Inauguration of a new spacious residence for special children

Special children of Kalidevi School can now have a better residence after inauguration and handover ceremony of newly built hostel on 25th September. There are altogether 10 special children and the school is situated in Mandendeupur-7, Kunta of Kavre district. NJSI team along with 2 representatives from Caritas Italiana (Sponsor), Deputy Mayor of Mandandeupur Municipality Ms. Nirmala Shahi, local women’s group, students and committee member of school gathered for the program which was short and precise with the introduction and felicitation of the guests followed by official inauguration and handover of the hostel to concerned authority.

The presence of all the students of Kalidevi School made it more special as everyone was so excited to be a part of the ceremony. Despite of the scorching sun, they were carefully listening to speeches and enjoying to the fullest. The hostel is designed for the children who are mentally challenged and their mental status varies heavily as some of them are able to make conversations but some of them are still unaware of themselves. The previous hostel was too congested and was not designed well for sufficient light and fresh air. Now they have separate rooms for boys and girls and also have enough space for dinning, studying and conducting any games or activities.

Their caretaker, Ms. Fulmaya seem very happy during the program and Deputy Mayor also expressed her gratitude towards NJSI and Caritas Italiana for their support.

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