Tailoring Machine to Uplift Livelihood of 25 Women

NJSI has been supporting Jaretar’s women from the beginning. We have had conducted various skill training  activities and advocacy programs. Most of the women participants are from Danuwar and Tamang communities. They have received basic to advance tailoring  course, soap making training, etc. NJSI has given 25 tailoring machines and other accessories  to the  women who completed the tailoring training, on 25th August 2018. This occasion was also an opportunity for them to be instructed more on how to run micro-credit cooperate society by themselves. NJSI will be supporting them with marketing training so that they can utilize the skills obtained from the training for advancing their income. This will include getting them in contact with clothe production companies who could supply raw materials and get their skilled labor to manufacture clothes for the company, while get paid for their labor. This presuppose further advanced training based on the designs required by the companies. The women group was very happy and excited about the support from NJSI and the Mission Achen who funded the tailoring machines.

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