Suri Haleshwor Higher Secondary School Handed Over

Shree Haleshwor Higher Secondary School was handed over to the school authority on 8th February 2017.  The 25th April 2015 earthquake had caused widespread damage to Dolkha district and further damage took place as it was also the epicenter of 12th May 2015 earthquake. Suri is one of the VDC in Dolakha District with 970 houses consisting 55000 population and 9 schools. Out of nine schools seven schools were damage and destroyed and NJSI has supported the reconstruction and recovery of 4 schools . This VDC is 200 Km away from Katmandu and the access road is very challenging and dangerous. 

Shree Haleshor Higher Secondary School in Suri VDC, facing the beautiful Gaurishankar range of the Himalayas, was one of the schools NJSI had been supporting with educational materials during the emergency phase and now completed two truss fixed semi permanent buildings. Since the area is prone to landslides it was a very difficult task to complete the repair work of this school. With hard work of NJSI in cooperation with the school management committee, staff and local people the repair work was completed.

The handing over ceremony was held in the school premises with the morning assembly of the students, On this awaited day members of the School Management Committee, Teachers, Parents and students were gathered to express their gratitude to NJSI. The NJSI staff and the invited guests were welcomed by children with welcome songs and cultural dances. Fr. Bonyface Tigga SJ, the chairperson, Fr. Roy Sebastian SJ the director and Fr. Arulanandam SJ, the District In-charge of NJSI thanked the entire school team for their cooperation and encouraged the students to make best of the facilities that is provided by NJSI and assured them for further support. 

Children are delighted to be back at school

The Shree Ban Sangu Secondary school of Jure VDC was affected by huge land Slide in 2014 and further destroyed by earthquake in April, 2015. Whole village was wiped out in the slide. The school too was badly affected and children had to study in temporary learning center.

NJSI took initiative of building the school. As construction work of the school was over, it was handed over to the School Management Committee on 10th January 2017. This day was the awaited day for all as once again children could have suitable education environment. On this joyful occasion the members of the School Management Committee, Teachers, Parents and students were gathered to express their gratitude to NJSI.

The NJSI staff and the invited guests were welcomed, and the children felicitated the program by performing cultural dances and songs. The key of the school was handed over by Fr. Roy Sebastian SJ to Mr. Shyam Thapa, a resource person from Education department of Sindupalchowk.

Fr. Roy Sebastian SJ, the director of NJSI and Fr. Arulanandam SJ, the District In-charge of NJSI, wished them all the best of luck for their future endeavors and encouraged them to work for the development of Nepal. The School Management Committee as a token of their gratitude gave NJSI an appreciation certificate.

Women Safe Space

In Chapadi-1 village there is a group called Sundevi women group. This group does not have any place to gather and conduct their activities. They conduct their meeting and activities in the open space, sometimes in their own houses but place is not enough and have lot of inconvenient. To support this group NJSI is helping to build a hall.

The construction work of women’s Safe Space’ is going on at Rakathum VDC in Ramechhap District. The framing of window, doors is completed and wall has been raised.  The construction work, was started on 20th November 2016 and scheduled to be completed at the end of January 2017. The NJSI has taken initiative to build the women friendly toilet too.

 The constructed women safe space facilitates the 60 women of the locality. It will be beneficial for the women to conduct meetings, trainings and social discussions such as gender based violence and community development work.

 As many as Volunteer and laborers have been working to complete the construction on time.

Safety and Peaceful Environment Ensured

Shree Bhanudaya Primary school is located in Siddhipur area of Lalitpur district. In this area many people are migrated from other districts of Nepal for employment opportunity. The Nepali medium school is run by government which has ECD to 3 class. The number of the students are increasing gradually due to compound wall building as it gave the students a sense of security. Without wall school had become a place of animals, alcoholics and drug addicts. The School management committee requested NJSI to support to build the compound wall. NJSI conducted an assessment and agreed to support the school by building compound wall in collaboration with the principal and the teachers.

Life and Recovery in Women Safe Space

After the massive earthquake April 2015 many women were living in fear and sorrow as they had lost their loved once and property as well. So the Home Net Nepal started conducting activates like playing games, singing, dancing and channelizing their mind towards productive activities. This exercise helped them to get away from their fear of earthquakes and the terror that they had faced.

Initially they did not have any place to conduct the activities. The activities were conducted either in the open place or in the classrooms, if they get permission. There was no privacy and lot of disturbances in the open place. At the request of Home Net Nepal, NJSI build seven Women Safe Space in Panga, Khokana, Badikhel, Techo and in Chapagaun of Lalitpur District. 

Now as they have common hall, many activities are being conducted for women. The activities like adult education, agriculture and animal husbandry training and many awareness program like various violence on women and the rights of women are going on. Women are very happy and have developed the self-confidence. They are able to express themselves and have come out of their fear and trauma.                                                                                                                                          

Water Source Reached Village

NJSI is continuously responding to the needs of the people in earthquake affected area. As the water resources had dried up in Rakathum village, people had to walk for two hours to fetch drinking water from the river. NJSI took up the task of supplying water to the village from the water resource which was available, far from the village. The work of fixing 5 km drinking water pipe line was started in the month of June 2016, but it could not complete since the water pipe line was going through the fields and the fields were full of seasonal crops. As the crops were harvested, NJSI could begin the work of fixing water pipe line and it got completed on 18th December 2016.

The water is now supplied through the pipe line and the people have safe drinking water in the village itself. They don’t have to go far distance to fetch the drinking water. People are very happy and grateful as they get water in their village.